Fuck. I don't think I possibly could fail any more than I have these past 24 hours.


First, I was an utter asshole to my friends at work, simply because I was in a bad mood for no reason. That never happens. I’m always so happy-go-fucking-lucky.

Then, later that night, I reblogged the picture of Martin’s kids, thinking it would be okay.

Then, today while I was taking my grandmother’s dog out for a walk at her apartment complex, I let a little boy pet him, and the dog ended up biting his lip.

And lastly, and probably the biggest face-palm I have had in my life, was not crediting her for doing the original artwork of Jack Skellington that I had posted. I just completely mind-blanked and posted it without really thinking. Here is the link to the original, and a link to where I originally posted it on deviantart. As you can see, I credited her in that one, but not on the post, like an idiot.

I feel so terrible for all of these things. I honestly never meant to offend or hurt anybody, and I just want to smack myself for being so completely idiotic. I’m so, so sorry to anyone and everyone I have offended; I truly care about others, and I hope you can all believe me when I say that I never intended for any of this to happen.

I’m so sorry, everyone. I’m just an idiot sometimes.

Asky Asks

Thank you! I’m really flattered ;w; ahhh
I have quite a few in the process of being worked on! 8D More info on that very soon (hopefully!) Been trying to keep it on the DL as much as possible (cuz I don’t wanna jinx it >w<;; ) 8> I’m really glad my work has captured your interest!

Well shucks! Thank you!
Tips on markers… hm!

Don’t over think it! Have fun with them, mix and match and blend the colours! If you have a specific image in your mind never underestimate the power of others knowledge and experiencing it yourself. Look up varying tutorials! See how others do certain things- try not to worry about the end product, just do your best to get there and enjoy yourself along the way! 

I ink them first! But I use simple ball point pens to ink. I never quite liked working purely in felt tip pens- It felt too mechanical. Ballpoint allows you to mess around and be silly with it! And plus: It’s very non-expensive! So even if it doesn’t end up working for you, you can use it for other things. 

I am! But as of right now I’m in the process of getting things situated! I’ll have regular commissions opened once I can focus my time on creating a proper price reference c: 

Most of my lucid experiences are natural, but it never hurts to try things out and find how they work for you. 
Try Melatonin! It’s a natural sleep aid and I’ve heard from others that it works wonders for their dreams, I myself have a strong immunity and it takes A LOT to have an effect on me (close to 10mg) but 3mg should be enough to try out! 
I’ll try and make a huge list for you and post it when I have time of methods you can try out c: But I hope that suggestion at least develops some savory results! 

xtwisteddisasterx  asked:

Scar, De Vil, Frollo

Scar: I think I would have to say my stepmom, she isn’t the greatest or most helpful person ever in my life >.>

De Vil: I would love to steal a car specifically a 2006 Scion xB.

Frollo: It is a debate tumblr users, Flavorsofsam, Spikeysheill, thebeardedmystery, and kabutocub. Because they are all just so very hnnnnnnnnng and woof-y