Recently, school has been keeping me busy. So much stuff to do. So much stuff to submit. But finally, I had time to at least chill. The test we took last week was kinda harsh. Well, I found Chemistry waaaay easier than Trigonometry. ugh. 

Projects are given to us almost everyday (homework not included). Which is really exhausting. Anyway, I can conclude that this weekend is well spent. Got enough sleep, finished season 1 of a certain tv show and satisfied some cravings. But I still haven’t worked on my projects lately. I feel like I have no motivation for me this quarter. But glad that Batch Cheering is on it’s way. :D

Batch cheering = no regular classes, just practices and I HOPE they let us sit with our friends. At least we get to wear civilian. Hoping that this week will turn out i don’t know, fun. We need to snap back to reality tomorrow. :(

Hey Jona, Nikka, Misha & all other friends I saw last Friday. see you guys next time! >:D<