Mmmmm well see ion wanna show my face but i WILL partake in the year end photo set ting. 

I was tagged by the  @blackqueerboi and @nectarwoman <3 thank you both for thinking of me!!! 

All of these photo’s have stood out to me in some type of way this year. I felt drawn to them and felt them. This year pulled me both further and closer to myself. I felt intensely this whole year and found myself in a multitude of defining events. There has never been a more testing and irritating year to live through, but im here and wont let what ive been through during this year go in vain.

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Los Angeles

We decided to drive straight to LA after Oakland, driving through the night to avoid LA traffic. Pretty good idea in theory but not that great in practice. I tried to sleep but it didn’t work out too well. We arrived in LA some time around 6 AM. The guys went to some beach and I crashed in the van for a bit. Woke up as they got back in and drove to some diner. The morning is hazy because of how tired I was but after eating we went to an observatory that overlooks all of LA. Again, I crashed in the van but woke up while we were still there and walked to the spot that overlooks the entire city. It was really cool to look at. The city expands as far as you can see, but the only reason you can’t see the whole city is because of all of the smog. Pretty gross.

We went adventuring a bit more after that and then made our way over to Tochtli Fest. The fest was put together by a collective of folks in LA and took place over three days. I met Julio, a member of the collective, last summer when we played in LA and he invited us to play. The fest was mostly for folk punk, and we were the only electric bands I saw today. Idaho Green fit in pretty well, but I think we were really out of place and people didn’t quite know what to make of us. But a few people said they enjoyed it and we had a big crowd. And most importantly Joel and I had fun playing and I guess that’s all that really matters.

After the show we met up with my homie Nico, one of our tour mates from last summer when we toured with his band XTRAMEDIUM.

Got some In N Out again. Cool chillin’. Going to Phoenix tomorrow.