xtra shot

Compsognathus would be a great choice or Archeopteryx, something that would eat rats and keep them out of the stores.”
“Could you fire Compsognathus like grape shot at your enemies and then have them run rampant?”
“I would insist. What you would do us when you came alongside for your broadside you just send a few of them up the mast and then run along the spars and then they’d hop on to the other boat. And then they’d be like *dinosaur noise* right in the other captains eyes. And then I’d walk over and be all hahaha having trouble with your eyes, Sir? And they'd be like ‘sacre bleu!’, because it’s Napoleonic wars and everyone speaks French.
—  Luke Westaway, @outsidextra & Mike Channell, @outsidexboxofficial

So the preamble: Question for Luke here from Furko08… If Luke was the captain of a Napoleonic era ship which dinosaurs would be his first choice to have as his crew?
The background. Lukes two favourite things are tall ships and dinosaurs. This is the best most ridiculous question to him.

This is from their Splatoon 2 and Saurian livestream at about the 1:19:00 mark