My mum clearly ships Me and Dan together even more than I do. XD
  • Me: *is rewatching Dan's new video*
  • Parents: *walk in to get some letters or something, i dunno what they got*
  • Dad: *looks at screen* Who's that? Is that that guy you got me to watch with you that other time which was rubbish and pretended to be lots of people at once in different shirts?
  • Me: *is mildly annoyed*
  • Mum: Oh don't be rude, it's her boyfriend!
  • Me: *wtf*
  • Dad: boyfriend? Tina has a boyfriend? And one like that?
  • Mum: Not right now, silly, but I don't understand why she hasn't asked him out yet. *walks out*
  • Dad: *walks out looking totally confused and horrified*
  • Me: What just happened...