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One More Night | Tom & Xtina

Once you wait for something for some time it always goes by super fast and it was obviously the case with the trip, everyone talked about it for a long time and then it came around and now it was almost over and Tom felt like it all just happened in a blind of his eyes, so he was not really sure if he was ready to go back home and start getting ready to go to Los Angeles for a week to shoot, in fact all he wanted to do if staying around was not an option was to stay in his bed for days. But before it would be over they had one more night, and everyone was dressing fancy and meeting at the Latitude 31° & Rah Bar at night, so he followed the lead, wearing something nice enough, shaving again since his beard loved growing up too fast and then made his way to the bar. The dinnerhappened to be very fast as well and then he found himself alone in his table, thinking about heading home when something crossed his mind and he got up, walking to where Christina was and whispering on her ear “Meet me outside in five.” And then he made his way to the kicthen of the bar, borrowing - ok stealing - a bottle of Jack and then he made his way outside, waiting for her with his free hand on his pocket.