1983 Yamaha XT600Z Ténéré

First generation: XT600Z Ténéré with type code 34L is launched at Paris motorcycle show in October 1982. Its first color scheme became legendary: white with a red chain blocks as the Yamaha brand colors and blue with black chain blocks which was inspired by the color of the Yamaha Motor France (Sonauto/Gauloises) racing team.

The first Ténére brought a lot of innovations to the Enduro segment, like a front disc brake when drum brakes were common, and a progressive mono cross suspension with aluminium swingarm that featured a long wheel travel of 235 mm. The front fork was a similar high-spec: 41mm, air assisted, with a stroke of 255 mm. The engine (a bore-up version of the XT 550) had 595 cc, lots of low-end power, and delivered 43 hp with a remarkable top speed of 160 km/h. There was no electric start and only a small head cowl but a huge fuel tank containing 30 litres!