“The wind is blue like patting my hair

Like your hand, look, it blows gently

All wounds are something like lose and strong

Were embraced and warmed

With your eyes

I can’t forget that we’re connected

And the important times

I won’t let go our tied hand in hand

In this place where you only have to be

The town without a name is like leaving me behind

Looks like your smile, it smiles”

Dramatical-Murder: Veranda scene.

Aoba x
Koujaku x
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Late night conversations. Oh lawd.
  • carcinoGeneticist: I GIVE ZERO FUCKS.
  • twinArmageddons: XDD
  • twinArmageddons: KNOCK, KNOCK. WHO'S THERE? FUCKS.
  • twinArmageddons: YOU KNOW WHY THAT'S FUNNY?
  • twinArmageddons: BECAUSE TEHRE WERE NO FUCKS.
  • twinArmageddons: IT WAS THE GHOST OF A FUCK.
  • carcinoGeneticist: I just shit a fuck.
  • carcinoGeneticist: all the fucks at that joke.
  • carcinoGeneticist: I can't even say **** anymore
  • [12: 02:36 AM carcinoGeneticist: because I've lost them all
  • twinArmageddons: OH ****
  • twinArmageddons: SHIT ME TOO.
  • twinArmageddons: WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE ****S, MOIRAIL?