Tell The World That I'm Coming Home ~ Cassidy & Shane

Today was the day Shane came home. Cassidy had cleaned the apartment from floor to ceiling, finding that it helped ease her nerves. She stocked the fridge with food and cooked, doing all the chores and duties she had left undone ever since Shane started living at the hospital. But today he was finally allowed to check out of the depressing building of sickness and come home to a clean and spotless apartment with edible food.

Cassidy scanned over the apartment before picking up her keys and a brown paper bag on the counter. She had promised she’d pick him up, there was no need for him to find a way to get home as far as she was concerned. Locking the door behind her, the alpha got into her car and sped off toward the hospital, hopes high and smile on her face. 

With Shane home, she would have a better chance of keeping him safe and out of trouble. She could protect him as long as he was around and at home, unlike at the hospital where anyone could come and go without security. When she pulled up to the building she could already see his figure, still looking so fragile but much healthier than a couple weeks ago. She smiled big at the boy, almost missing his wolf scent and pushed the sad nostalgia to the back of her mind. 

New Tricks ~ Cassidy, Shane, & Ethan

Cassidy was standing in front of Shane in full lycan form. Her powerful legs ground and steady on the forest floor. A low growl escaped her throat as her head turned to look at Shane. The boy was also in full form, growling back and struggling to keep his human mind in control. He had gotten better since the first time they started. Cassidy had increased his training from once a day to twice, making him change form at least three to five times each practice. The transformation consequences hadn’t gotten away as each change was met with cries and whines of the excruciating pain from the boy. She felt bad, and cringed inside every time but kept her stature hard and unmoving, keeping in control.

Today she had brought the wolf out to the forest for a new lesson. Today she would teach not only control with his own wolf form but control around temptation. It was a huge risk to take, but she trusted him and she knew nothing would happen as long as she was right behind him. For the past weeks, they had practiced alone, without any other animals around to risk distraction. Today, Cassidy would let them roam a bit closer to town, where the dear and other animals would be. She would test his concentration and focus with the distraction of other species in the vicinity.

Her ears picked up as she heard faint hoofs in the close distance. She watched the wolf beside her, waiting for him to hear it to and held his eyes, forcing him to stay in place.