The fighters are Boeing F4B-4 squadron VF-6 before take-off with aft 17 may 1934
Wake up dive bomber of Vindicator crane 15 Feb 1938
Torpedo Т4М-1 cut circles before landing,early 30’s
Fighter Boeing F2B-1 on the deck,1928.
Prototype reconnaissance variant of the 2-seater fighter, the Grumman Goblin (aka Fifi)-XSF-1
The fighters are Boeing F4B and torpedo bombers Martin Т4М on the deck.Honolulu,1933
The Kingdom of the shelves on the eve takeoff:fighter F2B-1 and torpedo Т4М-1.1929-30g
Before the RAID on Rabaul,November 1943
Wildcat,Dauntless and Devastator on the deck,the end of 1941.
Takeoff fighter aircraft F3B-1,1929-30