Dinner: Saraya & Seth

Saraya rushed around the kitchen, trying to make this meal perfect. Ever since Seth accepted her dinner invite, she was trying to make it perfect. She went through at least a hundred recipes before deciding on chicken  tortellini with a mushroom cream sauce. She had the rolls in the oven to heat up as she stirred the sauce. She put the heat on low then rushed to change. She changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and a cute top then put an apron over her outfit so it wouldn’t get ruined. She couldn’t wait to see Seth. Saraya added more seasoning to the sauce and then started to boil the water for the tortellini. She was nervous about Seth not liking the meal, but she was more nervous about seeing him again.

Weekend Surprises||Dean & Seth

Dean had been a busy man for it being early Saturday morning. Usually the Ohio native would still be passed out in bed, possibly hungover from drinking too much the night before. But today was different. His life a little more different. Now that he had a boyfriend. Not just any old boyfriend, but his own best friend and comrade of The Shield, Seth Rollins. He smiled at the thought and just the pleasant feeling of actually being in love while in his arms, the special breakfast he had planned on surprising the two tone haired man with along with a small bouquet of dark red roses. To say this was out of the norm for Dean Ambrose was putting it mildly, having never done this for anyone in his life.

He made his way back to the hotel and up to the room that him and Seth were sharing, hoping the love of his life was still asleep so he wouldn’t be worried about him missing. He reached the room and put an ear to the door but could hear no sounds so he was not sure if Seth had awoken yet or not. Biting his lip, Dean managed with some difficulty to dig out the keycard for the door and swiped it to let himself in, trying to be as quiet as possible as the door slowly closed behind him with a loud click, making Dean jump as he looked towards the bed for Seth.