Werner Herzog on Q TV

“working in whispers” . herzog talks about working with the precision of a heart surgeon to increase efficiency on a production. similarly graphic design students are encouraged to work and research with the attention to detail like medical examiners, with a quasi scientific approach.


Absolutely amazing piece of stop motion art. The amount of hours here is mind boggling.


Just a gig I did last week. Students and teachers from 30 Colorado and Wyoming schools joined key experts from 11 organizations to kick-off Air Quality Awareness Week at the first Colorado Ozone Summit on May 2, 2011 hosted by Encana Natural Gas.


I really like the use of Motion Tracking here. I’m jealous they did it first!


I have to give him props, this is some of all time favorite timelapse ever. Wow.

Watch on cinebasics.tumblr.com

By now you should know I prefer Adobe to any other editing system out there, including Final Cut. Here’s one reason why…

In this recording of my Adobe Connect Session on Dynamic Links in CS5 we tak a look at how Dynamic Link between Premiere, After Effects and Encore allow you tow work with native footage across multiple applications as fast as you can imagine.