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Specs: - Honda CB 750 SuperSport 1977
- Bmw R90S fairing - New switches - Brown grips with better throttle grip.
- New tripletree from Bullets Custom USA
- Yamaha XS 360 tank with new cap and Pingel peetcock valve
- Completely renovated front fork with new oil, seals and dust caps
- 16" harley rear rim, new 19" front. Gloss black wheels with stainless steel spokes, as well as brand new E270 shinko tires. White Wall on the rear
- Refurbished Suzkui GS 750 brakes with dustfree blocks mounted. New brake master front and rear.
- Fitted with 4 into 2 exhaust from Cycle X with optimized flow
- K1 oil tank
- Ballistic 8 cell battery. Upholstered in a small leather pouch
- Complete new wiring
- New spark caps and spark plugs from NGK
- Custom made seat
- Newer Honda Foot pegs
- Custom made cowl
- The entire engine is renovated with new chain and sliders, new stamps. Valves are cleaned and sanded so they appear as new.
- Foam filters
- Completely new chain, 2p as the swing arm is extended - The swing arm is extended by 4 “/ 10cm - Pingel drag struts - The entire bike is lowered approximately 100 mm
- Cnc milled engine covers
- Hip flask for oil overflow

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