If you are going to buy a zip up from Bethesda look no further. I recommend this one it is a male cut but mine is only baggy because I am a size small or xs and I got a medium (I was a little bigger when I got it) nuka cola at its best as is the color gray (not as bright as the 101 jacket) also thumb holes!


eBay Roundup

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Her name is Toya. I ship her with jack from xs!!

I noticed that in a lot of episodes he builds robots to cook and clean for him as well as stroke his ego. he even built “cheer bots” to cheer him on or a “yesman bot” to agree with everything he says. but the bots always get destroyed. 

ANYWAY, in several episodes he complains about wanting an evil partner and has people come in and basically have job interviews to be his supervillain sidekick but none of them work out. 

Toya is a villainess whose expertise is deadly poisons (her main weapon is a large needle as well as a bunch of strange pill bottles and stuff like that) , and she goes to one of his little job interviews. Jack hires her. 

She admits to admiring him as a villain and wants to walk in his footsteps and such, which inflates his ego immensely.  She even admits to having a “small tiny little crush” on him. Jack is more than okay with this and finally gets a girlfriend of sorts. (hes rejected by everyone on the show. both platonically and romantically.) 

She fills all the roles his past bots did as far as cooking, cleaning, and being his “yes man” etc as his “girlfriend” and sidekick in supervillainy. And at first he  thinks this is awesome. However, long story short, it ends up super comical because her “small tiny crush” is actually a huge yandere one. And Jack ends up being really disturbed when he finds out shes violently over protective of him and does things like sniff his dirty laundry and brush her teeth with the same toothbrush she uses to scrub his toilet. 

This is hilarious because every single person on the show HATES jack and treats him like shit so the one person whos actually nice to him really creeps him out 90% of the time. But shes SO effective as a sidekick he keeps her around but is kind of a major asshole to her, albeit a little afraid of her and what she might Do IF he did fire her ahaha! 

So yeah thats Toyas story! :3


Continuing our pretty in pink with Laura Byrnes California Gothic Lace Bolero.

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