Dress from SheIn (Size: XS)

I’m in love with this dress! I’ve always wanted this print–it’s beautiful! It’s definitely loose on me, so I’m glad I ordered an XS even when I usually wear size S. Make sure to check the measurements before purchasing! :) It’s a light material, perfect for summer. Check it out, this piece can be found here!!

Please make sure to check their site out. They have free shipping on all orders!

(Find the above clothing item HERE!)


A bunch of requests from my Patreon members that supported me until December. ($5 and up tiers can get free requests this month so if you’ve been supporting me for quite a while, go ask for a free request while the offer still stands (ends at Dec. 25). 

(sorry any newcomers will not be valid to this offer because the payment goes through until the end of the month) but there’s always next time!

Steam punk Kevedd designs are from Aulauly and Konovi.


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