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This feeling, when you are a fifth Dragon and Dragon X Kumei Formation was created only for four people.

I wanted to finish it with linearts ect, but I love so much that silly Jack sketches, that I decided to send this gif like that.
Also I love that idea of ‘Jack is the fifth Dragon’ AU.

Jack Spicer & Others © Xiaolin Showdown
Gif © BeastKonoha <-it’s a me :’D
(Jack sketches from gif under ‘

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i started this art blog so i could have a place separate from my regular blog stuff to put art and possibly take commissions from, but i haven’t made digital art in a while tbh. so to get back on track with this, i’m gonna try to post something every few days, even if its a dumb 1 hour sketch like this is. 

I’m starting with this guy bc i been thinking about the dragon boi recently. cartoons these days are missing out on the dragon warlord type i need in my life

anonymous asked:

Hi, i love your comics (omg playbacktale killed me). And since you seem to know your way around comics, I thought you would be the rigt person to ask. Do you think its possible to start an undersle comic now? Since most people seem to rather stick by already running ut comics or art blogs, and not follow new ones. Because I really want to, but I dont think it will be worth it in the end. Caus drawing it for myself is nice but its kind of nicer when people read it.

* Heya! If you have an idea that you want to put out there I say go for it! 

If you want to draw a comic/you would enjoy drawing it, then why not start one? You’ll get in a lot of good practice and you’ll have something that you created

I guess it depends on your definition of “worth it”, but to me, it’s always worth making new things. UT fans will be stuck with the same old stories if new people didn’t at least try. I guess another thing is that everyone has to start somewhere. And well, a story can’t be read unless it’s made;;