this is based off & inspired by @indigonite ‘s demigods one. Like same poses and everything. When I saw it I couldn’t help but see the flash family so I had to do it. I also added Wally & Linda’s twins peering in. And Barry made a Batsignal Flashsignal. Please check out the original, Indigonite’s art is amazinggggg. wally was the hardest and i still think he looks weird.

This feeling, when you are a fifth Dragon and Dragon X Kumei Formation was created only for four people.

I wanted to finish it with linearts ect, but I love so much that silly Jack sketches, that I decided to send this gif like that.
Also I love that idea of ‘Jack is the fifth Dragon’ AU.

Jack Spicer & Others © Xiaolin Showdown
Gif © BeastKonoha <-it’s a me :’D
(Jack sketches from gif under ‘

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i started this art blog so i could have a place separate from my regular blog stuff to put art and possibly take commissions from, but i haven’t made digital art in a while tbh. so to get back on track with this, i’m gonna try to post something every few days, even if its a dumb 1 hour sketch like this is. 

I’m starting with this guy bc i been thinking about the dragon boi recently. cartoons these days are missing out on the dragon warlord type i need in my life


Pray for Pastor Gamid, whose home was raided by authorities. He was in possession of Christian literature (which is illegal in his country), and was summoned to the police station.

reasons why I love gaara and naruto:

• gaara grew up closed off, bitter, cold, and volatile (much like sasuke and neji, except he was more inclined to homicidal urges). he grew up extremely alone, like naruto, with a family and village that hated and feared him, a father that put the cause of all his problems inside him, and the one person who treated him with kindness brutally and confusingly betraying him. while naruto turned his loneliness into a determination to be acknowledged by his village, gaara became convinced that his only purpose in life, the only thing that gave him worth, was to kill. with no reason to believe he was anything more than a killing machine at such a young age, he grew up continuing to believe that was all he was.

• naruto, as he did with many others, inspired and changed gaara’s life. he showed gaara that he had worth and that he could fill the void in his heart by protecting others. from naruto, gaara worked hard to become Kazekage and to earn the trust and respect of his village. naruto and gaara’s friendship is so good because they become inspirations to each other so that despite how they were treated and their insecurities and fears, they could make something of themselves. naruto, seeing gaara as Kazekage, is jealous but mostly extremely proud. gaara making it is only proof that he can as well.

• naruto and gaara are really the only ones who truly understand each other. this leads to a friendship that transcends everything else…time or space doesn’t matter, when one of them needs the other, they will arrive, because the survival of one is confirmation of the validity of their existence. one of their successes is both of their successes; they need to affirm their existence through the survival of the other.

• not to be emo, but they really changed each other for the better….they evoke so many emotions in each other because they are parallels who finally met….

a mess of xiaolin headcanons:
  • music is banned in rai’s and kimiko’s rooms
  • then in the whole temple - they gotta use earbuds, no exceptions
  • omi is lactose intolerant and no one makes fun of him because HEIGHT
  • jack being very sick and wuya staying with him for a while (“You took care of me too”)
  • kim and good!chase were very close bros in that alternate universe
  • hannibal never ever forgives chase and raimundo.
  • this said, chase and rai actually admire each other a lot
  • the monks kept the heylin cutouts from 3.11. and they either keep using them OR send them to their real counterparts as a christmas present
  • clay is the mom friend. 
  • the monks see bits of each other lives when they create either of the formations; the good and bad bits too.
  • so it is natural they bond over lost mothers (seriously? where are the mothers in this show??)
  • BUT jack calls wuya ‘mom’ a lot. the first time chase witnesses this, they are dining together and he spits soup all over the table
  • kimiko teaching omi to write in cursive
  • clay teaches all of them strip poker, omi is SUPRISINGLY good
  • all of them dream a lot of the xiaolin dragons before them
  • dojo crying when the monks become dragons
  • guan and chase have tea once in while. 
  • chase rearranging furnitures every 6 months cause he is like that
  • when omi is older he regularly say; “Just a sex” instead of sec

feel free to add!