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tender-hearted, caring, lovable. ♥
also. marcan. you know what it is.
me gusta pink animal background *O*

female maracan hollah at me brosef! we humble swag it up all day errday ya hur?


lol thank you lexie. /rolls over you

Happy Bday Lexie :) Unnie loves you a lot! You are great girl! really hardworking and a nice person! Thanks for being so friendly and caring towards a stranger in a country miles away haha i love you a lot God bless you :3

(i wish i was better at editing but still)


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Please, delete your photoset of Kiseop. The pictures are from Korean fansites that do not allow their data to be edited no matter what the cost. This is seriously disrespecting the person who took the pictures and the fansite itself. The pictures you posted are from Kiseop's fansite, Love Like This. They are not allowed to be taken out of the site whatsoever. Please respect this and do not allow this to happen again.

I didn’t even get them from a Korean fansite. But okay?

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Ah, you intimidated me too..lol. But I'm intimidated by everyone so.. ._.
But I think you're very down to earth and you relate to people easily, which isn't hard to find in many people these days.
And I'm very glad I started talking to you! ^^ hehe ♥

lexie! omg bb you were intimidated by me? like omg why tho?

i followed your blog forever before you followed me and i was like omg she’s so cool she’ll never follow me. /was afraid.

i’m glad we started talking too! thank you <3

Today i was pretty bored

so i write a 4 page story :3

it was about a girl who felt like she would be alone forever…then her mother starts telling her the story of how she had gone through the same problems when she was her age….she met a handsome boy the first day of college and thought he will never look at her the way she wanted—then she befriend this boy and they had a great time..one day in his b-day she was going to hug her but for accident their lips meet and from then they were weird between each other—after 2 weeks of being like that she decides to confront him alone and in one moment when he is at the door ready to leave she says that she didnt  want to hear from him anymore..in that instant he got near her and kiss her…at the end that was the story of how she and her husband meet…then she tells her daughter that’s she’s a beautiful person and with a bug heart she just had to let the people see the light in her and follow her heart and she would find her true love.

    sungyeool replied to your video: Okay so i wanted to do a video for Christmas…but…

awww ty unnie

<3 Love you Carmen :33 

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LEXIEEE<3 you know how happy i am that you are back right? <3

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I love you

LOVE YOU MORE AIYA!<3 (the only one with the power to call me gisey ! :3