xros wars collab project

Hello guess who I’m drawing.

I’m pretty sure I passed the 6 hour mark trying to do the drawing+ lineart for this. 

And while I was lining this there was all this rage inside me which was spewing vulgarities all over, because lowemon.

No lowemon I have nothing against you bro but when I’m drawing and trying to line you in a clean, three dimensional manner with perspective and stuff included. Man seriously I just wanna pull my hair out.

Is there a crest of patience I like desperately need that one damn.

So anyway if any of my text posts just now seem a tad too angry/emo/sad/negative in general, it was because of lowemon.

But in general the lineart’s done and I’ll move on to the colour tomorrow. Because it’s 330 am. And upside wise I think I’m starting to be pretty comfortable with 3px lines on a B5 300 dpi canvas (actually this is bigger than that), I think I’m ready to move on to linearting in 1px lines if needed. At least I am getting those line art practices I need for my comic now. 

I’m never getting my sleep schedule back sob.