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He’s not sure where he went wrong. There were so many possibilities, but still, Byakuya was a captain and a captain fights until the bitter end. They’re in the middle of a war after all, and no matter how battered he is, Byakuya will stand on his feet. It’s his duty and all whom threaten the soul society should be exterminated.

Yet he’d sustained many injuries. How he remained on his feet through the battle was a miracle, but the adrenaline soon seeped out of his body. He’s quite broken in fact, hardly able to keep his eyes open. No doubt the nearest healer was fussing over him. Byakuya could hardly tell whom was by him, he was so weak. However, he’s proud of himself, proud of how durable he is to have fought in his condition. Perhaps his luck ran out just a little bit.

Consciousness slowly slipped away as red, sticky blood pooled all around him. By the way he felt, Byakuya felt that perhaps his time was at hand. Though he felt a dull ache, he was surprised there wasn’t more pain. Perhaps the giddy sensation he felt had blocked his ability to acknowledge his own injuries. He’s not certain, but he knew that logically he was in no state to help himself. That much was certain as his bankai had disappeared. Perhaps the Kuchiki Clan will end with him, the blood line that is.

An odd thought to think at a time like this, but Byakuya left no legitimate air behind. If he dies now, his house will with him–or so he assumes. Maybe they’ll be desperate enough to approach his sister, but he doubted it.

A small laugh seemed to burst from him. How long it seemed since he last shared a laugh. Byakuya’s sure that now death is closing in on him given how cold he felt and the exhaustion which he felt deep in his bones.

There were hands on him. Byakuya assumed that the healer was trying to keep him alive and stable. How terrible it would be to lose another captain, but soon he’d join Hisana in the after life. Such a thought was not unpleasant. Rukia had the security of his name and her friends. He’d lived a comfortable life, and he loved and lost and done many things. In terms of fame, he was the most powerful head of the Kuchiki Clan  and earned his spot as captain. What more could he want?

His vision was fuzzy and unfocused. No longer able to see shapes, Byakuya could only see colors. There was something red before him and he wondered what? In the haze of his mind, the nobleman thought it could be Renji. Perhaps it was and if not perhaps his death bed wish would be sent to him.

There was a fair amount to be said to his lieutenant. His mind and mouth worked to barely get them out. “Renji… Don’t waste your time on me… Rukia, go and protect Rukia…”

His thoughts were mostly disconnected, but he had one last thing to say to him. “I’m sorry… You deserve…respect.”

Light Haze - For xrenjixabraix -

Nothing had been going her way. She had just nudged the container of ink and in turn spilled ink on a freshly finished stack of papers that she had just slaved away on for the whole day. Useless, wasted, and frustration were the words that coursed through her head as the wrapped pages each slipped out of her hands into the waste bin.

She was done with today. But today wasn’t done with her. The sun had only just started to come down. And she had only just discovered that the pages of spurged ink had infected half of her right elbow with their persistent ebony hue. It was the last straw that would stop her from letting out an irritated “Ugh!” as she coursed her finger furiously through her locks and  Now she looked like she was both a fool and her newly worn gloves and arm blended in far too well with her uniform. What would her brother think of her when she got home? 

She needed to sit- not in her vile desk that she didn’t even want to face with it’s uncleaned cut spill of a reminder. Rukia found herself on the patio just outside her office. She wouldn’t go to the tree, not looking like this, honestly the tree didn’t deserve something like this to be on it. It would be a wonder if she could climb it without somewhere placing her stamp of misfortune black ink on it. And then it would be there to mock her everyday. Her fingers would tighten their hold on the wood as they were careful not to infect the ink on her arm elsewhere. That was when she heard footsteps. She did not need a visitor right now. Not even turning to look before she spoke, she slammed her fist on the patio in annoyance. “What do you want?!”

She almost wanted to apologize upon seeing his face, realizing how rude she sounded, and how such behavior was something she got scolded and smacked for when she got lessons to be more noble-like. Knowing it was Renji though, she needed something more snarky, despite how she was still irked. “Don’t I see you enough at the lieutenant meetings, Renji?” It was clear she wasn’t in a good mood, even though it was a rarity for the red headed lieutenant to give the thirteenth a visit and she had a found a solace in his company in the recent years.

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“You’re so stuck up. Afraid you’d enjoy it too much or somethin?”

“I’m not stuck up. I merely do not see the point. Why is there a day for being sexual? People are capable of doing that all the time. Plus… I don’t see the big deal in sexual relations. It’s too messy and tends to ruin people.”

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Renji decided that he’d pay a visit to Izuru, it had been awhile since he had last seen him, and he hoped that he’d be up to going out and getting a drink or something when he was finished working. When he got there, though, he noticed that Izuru wasn’t in his office. Hoping that he’d be back shortly, Renji decided to wait there for him. He noticed that someone else was around though and walked over to him. He had seen him before, but wasn't sure what his name was from the top of his head.

“Oh…Lieutenant Abarai.” Ido exclaimed softly “Izuru stepped out for a moment to grab some food, he’ll be back shortly.” He said with a small smile. “Would you like some tea?”

He’d never really communicated with the higher ranks..or lower for that matter. He was almost always in his office, or at his home. He’d drawn the curtains after Izuru had said that the darkness wouldn’t bother him whenever he worked at the Lieutenants desk…Well…He was almost defacto lieutenant now.  Izuru sat where Gin once would. It was a big change. But at least his routine hadn’t changed, as such, there was always tea on.

Soul Reaper Gintoki || @xrenjixabaraix

Gintoki was lazing about on one of the rooftops instead of doing chores, holding his sword above him and eyeing it. With everything that had happened to him when he was alive, he never would’ve thought he’d be doing a job like this after his death.

He was a new soul reaper in the 6th division, having finished with the academy just a few days ago. He doesn’t really understand everything, but he supposed he’d get used this eventually. He sighed and placed the sword next to him as he rolled onto his side and closed his eyes, unaware of the lieutenant closing in on him.

“I wonder if this place has parfaits or mangas… Maybe I’ll go check later.”


Eden looked over to the figure nearby, after noticing his towering height over her, she saw the fiery hair. She took a few timid steps toward the stranger before slipping a veil of cocky confidence.
“I adore your hair; I had to mention it.” She said, running her fingertips flauntingly through her burgundy locks as a smirk crawled upon her lips.

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“What are you making that ridiculous face for Renji?” He decided to conveniently ignore the fact that Renji was attempting to kiss him. Cool rejection, that’s what Byakuya was about. As Renji got closer, Byakuya reached out took out a plushie of Seaweed Ambassador he just happened to have on hand and shoved it in Renji’s face to kiss. “Do you like him? I made him myself. Perhaps we can sell them…”

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the hollow man with the half face were out exploring other worlds sinxe waco mundo was so boreing with all the sand and dust , he notiched he were in the world of soul reapers and saw a soul reaper , that excited him but he still hid a bit because he didnt want to start a unecesary fight already

A Pen? Really?|| xrenjixabaraix|| Closed


It was surprising that Hisoka had been so easily convinced to let him do all of this. Sure, he expected him to agree to spending the night, but laying this close, actually letting him practically cuddle up with him? That was something he hadn’t been expecting. He thought he’d have flat out refused it and thrown him out for pressing the matter. Didn’t he had the slightest idea as to why he’d want to be so close to someone else like this?

Renji didn’t expect his body to betray him, however, and start to react the way it was. He cursed himself for not having better control of his urges. Thinking of something fast, Renji tried to lie. Maybe he’d believe it? If he was lucky, he would. “Uh…It’s a pen…that’s in my pocket.” That was believable, right?

As he waited for Renji’s answer- resisting the urge to roll his eyes when the man said it was a pen because Hisoka knew without a shadow of a doubt that Renji would never carry something as useful as a pen with him- Hisoka shifted in his position, trying to create more distance between his ass and the thing poking it. The only problem was that there was nowhere he could go. His couch was only so big, and with a sigh, Hisoka resigned himself to laying with that thing-if he didn’t think the name it wasn’t real- pressing against him. He was too comfortable to get up.

“Maybe you should get rid of that pen then, Renji.” He stated, turning his head so he could cast a cool glance at the man before turning back to the television. Who knows, maybe the glare would make the ‘pen’ wither out of existence. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened.


Renji glared but kept his mouth shut for once, he’d show him he could control himself and that he wasn’t loud or obnoxious. He left for the day but came back for the tea thing, just to prove that he could behave himself and show him that everything he said wasn’t the complete truth.

With Renji gone for the day, Byakuya surprisingly finished the rest of what remained of the work without him there. Then again, he didn’t have to monitor his vice-captain to see if he was actually working, not to mention sending back various reports to be rewritten because of his illegible handwriting, illegible by the noble’s standards and he does have very high standards, but nothing he doesn’t believe Renji cannot meet in all honesty.

Once he finished the paper work and the reports were delivered, Byakuya left to return to his own manor. He saw all the urgent matters attended to before he did so just to make sure his day off, which he rarely ever takes, would go undisturbed. The last thing he wished for was work on one of his rare moments away, which would ultimately be spent taking tea with other nobles and Renji.

If he is honest with himself, Byakuya doubted Renji would cause a scene. Were it Ichigo, he would expect a scene, but since it was Renji, he expected his vice-captain to be on his best behavior. Renji was not in all honesty bad. Byakuya might be harsh on him, but he expects nothing but greatness from the red head. In his honest opinion, he full expects his vice-captain to outshine him some day. Renji is quite capable of surpassing him and a while ago he would not have thought this, but the incident with Rukia’s execution changed his opinion. Renji has earned nothing but respect and praise from Byakuya even though he doesn’t show it.

Just like normal, Byakuya found himself rising early. No matter what, he finds he cannot sleep in. Unlike Renji, or even Rukia, the noble cared little for such things. A day, to him, is best used for work of any kind. Typically, he spends his days off attending noble gatherings. This day would be no different. Byakuya attended to his morning routine, however instead of the standard shinigami dress and captain’s haori, he dressed himself in a normal, expensive, kimono.

As he did, he remembered that he forgot to inform Renji of the required dress. The thought of Renji showing up in that horrendous kimono said shinigami typically wore on his days off made Byakuya’s stomach flip, ad not in a good way. He sighed before deciding to simply have faith that Renji knew better, knew him well enough to come properly dressed for the occasion. Renji might be thick headed, but even he couldn’t be that stupid.

Byakuya spent the day preparing for the ceremony. Though he did not directly get involved, he did supervise the servants as they carried out his instructions. In reality, he probably did just as much work monitoring the preparations as he did in the sixth division office, however he paid little attention to that specific detail. He saw to it that the room they were to use was cleaned and prepared before he settled down to wait for his guests, who would be shown in to him.

He’d been settled for a few moments before he was notified of his first guest. The noble was pleased to learn it was Renji, which surprised him a great deal. He was actually early. Given how he usually arrived late to work, this was a pleasant surprise and even won points with him. Byakuya decided to meet Renji personally and stood to see him in personally.

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lays on him

Usually he would of got pissed off and shoved him off, but Ichigo wasn’t going to do that. Instead he was  surprised and was not expecting this, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to push him away either. “Hey, have you been?” He moved a bit and started to play with Renji’s hair. Secretly he did like it.

“You are not–”

The zanpakuto stopped herself shortly after speaking. She stood by the edge of a small line of trees, staring at the figure that she had almost approached. Asa had been following him from a distance for some time, and now realized her own foolish mistake.

While she had already caught his attention, she supposed it was not too late to make an attempt at escape;

“Continue… what it is that you were doing,” she half-commanded, taking small steps backwards to duck behind where she had previously been hiding.

The Beach || xrenjixabaraix


✿- An exhausted sigh, a sign showing that the Taichou had finally gotten tired of looking at the paperwork that was set before him. Both hands ran throw his raven locks, fingertips lightly grazing his hair pieces that clamped tightly in his hair. He had to admit he needed a break from work for possibly an entire day. But where exactly? Removing both hands he stood up from his desk, finding his Fukutaichou-surprisingly- doing his paper work. “Fukutaichou- Abarai. Let’s go to beach”.