i think theres something really revolutionary about wearing makeup that isn’t deemed attractive by the mainstream media. wearing black lipstick and red eyeliner fights the idea that being femme means being complicit with the patriarchy and it’s expectations of us. fuck fascist beauty standards. wear whatever makes you feel like a beautiful femme swamp queen/androginous alien/pansexual pixie/sexy queer goth chick/whatever the fuck you want

yea i mean obviously there’s no age limit to gilman but sometimes I’m like “wow I’m 18 and all these high school sophomores are better at socializing than me" 

Also even tho i ended up making friends there i’ve never felt like I fit in neatly there and now i’m too old to really fix it 

Also I like that Adult in College is capitalize. Like it’s a title. "I am Babby, Adult in College." 

xrayspectacles replied to your post “[[MOR] My family is so dysfunctional, omg. My brother broke his toe…”

aww im sorry bby, this sounds like a really bad disney sitcom episode, by which i mean, form afar its funny, but inside is sorta wtffffffffff!!!! noooo!!!!!!! (just surprise shave her head in the night shell never notice the bald spot)

My family is the literal definition of a horrible disney channel sitcom family. We re a mess. I said to her “Ya know, Aves, one of my favorite actresses, Shailene Woodley got a pixie cut for a movie she was in. We could definitely shave your head and you’d look like her and be beautiffuller.” And she was like “Why, would you shave my head?” She still doesn’t know.. I’m a horrible person, I’ve been cracking bald jokes all night. 

Hella. Come sit next to Babby as I make futile attempts at conversation and try not to make a complete ass of myself

Also I was seriously thinking of bringing my DS so I can smoke and play Animal Crossing between bands like the ridiculous person I am

so i spent the whole day with xrayspectacles at the maker faire and it was extremely rad. they made me an extremely hella outfit from the swaparama and i made hella patches. also they were interviewed by some high as fuck dudebros and then we wandered around a smalltown mall and had an elegant dinner at trader joes. ill post some pictures later, but it was an extremely rad day.