I could’ve just made this a strictly RvB video (like I did in that one post I made a while back), but the mental image was way funnier with a bunch of other villains from other RT shows.

Also you would not believe how long this took to export. Daniel’s part, believe it or not, was giving me the most trouble. Bitch.


Mogar met some of the nicest people on the planet on the weekend.
Mogar is pleased.
(For real though, RT is full of the most kindhearted and welcoming people on the internet and I can’t express my appreciation enough for these wonderful people and how they treat their fans. Life’s been a bit rough lately and being greeted with such sunny and warm interaction made it all a little better ❤️)


The Mad Ring

This ring has been sculpted out of pmc3 silver clay, carved by hand, and fired with a torch, then sanded and polished to a lightly brushed finish.

The result is a OOAK piece of .999 fine silver jewellery inspired by everyone’s favourite mad monarch!

I first posted the photos of this ring to Imgur and RT subreddit (on the day I had my wisdom tooth removed). The attention it received there was overwhelming — the post hit the front page within minutes, gathering some 2k upvotes and lots of lovely comments, including those from Tim Leftwich, Marcus LaPorte, Peter Sorensen, Jon Risinger, and the king himself

Just another proof of how amazing and supportive the RT community is. My post-op evening couldn’t have been any better. <3

If you’re wondering if I make these rings for sale, please read this comment!