The left side is before and the right side is after three months of weekly chiropractic treatment. To say this has changed my life would be an understatement. Three months ago I couldn’t work on my feet for longer than an hour without limping for the rest of the day. The lower back pain was so severe and had become an almost daily issue. My spine was just crooked enough to be considered scoliosis. I had headaches and trouble with sleep and digestion. My neck was straight instead of curved due to a rear end collision (not to mention a few of my discs were out of whack) and my muscles were consistently tense and sore due to the trauma of being hit at 60mph. It didn’t help that I also had poor posture and often sat slumped with my neck looking down at my phone/computer. And now after three months of adjustments, deep tissue massage therapy, and physical therapy, I honestly feel like a new person. My neck is beginning to curve back the way nature intended, my spine has straightened by three degrees, and my hips went from crooked to straight. Not only has my pain severely decreased, but my overall sense of health and wellbeing has increased drastically. I want to sincerely think the doctors, massage therapists, and the rest of the staff at Family First. I’m in awe of these results and am now 100% a believer in chiropractic. Please, if you can find the time and money for it, I highly recommend getting a chiropractic exam. Don’t take my word for it, though. The pictures speak loudly enough!! #chiropractic #familyfirstchiropractic #drippingsprings #spine #neck #xray #scoliosis (at Family First Chiropractic)

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The Man Without A Heart

Doctors from the Texas Heart Institute have successfully replaced a patient’s heart with a device that keeps the blood flowing, thereby allowing him to live without a detectable heartbeat or even a pulse. 

The turbine-like device, that are simple whirling rotors, developed by the doctors does not beat like a heart, rather provides a ‘continuous flow’ like a garden hose. 

Craig Lewis was a 55-year-old, dying from amyloidosis, which causes a build-up of abnormal proteins. The proteins clog the organs so much that they stop working. When doctors put a stethoscope to his chest, no heartbeat or pulse can be heard (only a ‘humming’ sound).

That’s my partner LadyRarity and I. Below is our X-Ray and Vav drawing we did. I did Vav and Orf (unfortunately I was working with nubs of chalk by the time I got to Orf but I still love it.) Done for the Savannah Chalk Festival.