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And while I’m on the subject of this guy, I might as well post these, too.

I mixed up the order of the arms on the first one but you can ignore that for me, right?

I should probably explain some things about the second sketch…
Since Dr. X is a fusion of an organic being and a robot, he has some robotic parts and some organic parts. His Flug arms are organic and his XR arms are robotic, of course. His head is just a metallic box made to look like a paper bag with goggles over it. His shoulders where his Flug arms attach are organic, and the rest of his torso is robotic. His legs are robotic from the knee down and his heelys are motorized because XR has tracks instead of feet. Every robotic part of him can be destroyed and put back together (which is why he’s missing an arm and a leg in the second image, it’s not as big a deal as it seems).

Day 8

First date Based on @paperhat-week-month

XR was a nervous wreck. Here he is at galactic planet’s carnival here at Valder town, waiting for his date to come and his date was none other than Nos-4-a2. During the mission to figure out about DRAC, Nos and XR had technically express their feelings and had gotten deeper than expected.

‘What a day that was.’ XR blushed as he felt the punctured marks and blushes. He still blames DRAC for the dust induced aphrodisiac but was grateful that Nos did love him more than just physically.

‘He was resisting from hurting me and well… that was on me.’ So XR wanted to make it proper by asking him out and Nos agreed so this was their first date.

XR smiles with the idea of going out with his mate for the first time and realized he was actually going out with Nos!

‘What if he hates it?!’ Before he could continue he felt a tap and turned to see Nos without his cape! XR couldn’t help but gazed how he was really stunning and beautiful without the cloak.

Nos held out a small bouquet of flowers to him and smiles. “I do not know how this date goes but I brought you flowers.”

XR blushes and grins. “Thank you.” XR smiles as he carefully held the small bouquet and lead Nos into the carnival. “So what do you wanna do? Go on a ride or play games?”  XR asked as he looks to Nos who was a bit surprised. XR realised Nos was like a kid in a new place, surprised and lost.

“What is the best to start in your idea?” Nos asked.

“Well, we could try the games have a little challenge between us.” XR grins as Nos chuckles. “What do we how you place on the table?”

XR chuckles. “Right about that but more like just seeing how good we are without using programs or gadgets.”

He could tell Nos took it to thought and grin. “Alright but if anything occurs that may need assistance, better do so.”

XR nodded but smirked. “May the best bot wins.”

Nos chuckles as he was lead to the nearest game.

6 minutes later.

XR was amazed Nos was able to beat him in 7 different games and he only won 2. He knew Nos wasn’t cheating (he secretly scans him every time) he was although a bit envious, he was glad Nos was enjoying himself and smiled and got excited. Everytime he threw or toss and made a hit or score, Nos was grinning like a kid and would be ecstatic about playing. XR chuckles how Nos was cute.

“XR I got you something!” Nos grin excitedly. XR looked to see it was a fat little bird in his arms. “They had these cute animals and this one reminds me of you.”

XR looked to the bird and grins. “I don’t know if I should be jealous or glad.”

Nos kneels to him and kisses his cheek. “No one can be as cute as you are my little mate.”

XR grins but froze to see Buzz and the others.

He grabbed Nos and lead him to the wheel and both bots just jumped in.

XR looked to see them went another way and sighed in relief.

It was from both of them not to let anyone know about their relationship because of many reasons but the main reason was one enemy:


If Zurg got a hold about them, he would do anything to horrible on either or. Nos being akin to an animal sense, was overprotective of XR which was another reason.


XR didn’t want to choose sides but if he had to, he would choose Nos over his purpose. XR then remembered what Nos told him.

“I will not make you go through that stress. I love you XR, your happiness matters to me.”

XR smiles but whatever happens though he doesn’t want to lose Nos.


XR perked as he felt Nos cup his head, concerned over him.

XR smiles. “I’m alright, I just wondering why they’re here. You don’t think-” but he stopped when Nos kisses his head and purrs, holding him closer to calm him.

“It is alright, they are probably watching over someone.”

XR nodded and cuddles closer to Nos and leans forward.

“Is there a rule about no kissing on a first date?” Nos teasing XR by moving back until he was against the wall.

“Aren’t rule made to be broken?” XR smirks as he leans closer and kissed Nos a small kiss whom kissed back. They kept kissing until the had to pull back and saw they were coming moving up but soon coming down.

“So much for having this space-” but saw the wheel stopped along with the lights on every ride. He looks to Nos who shook his head.

“I am not the cause of this.”

XR then saw Buzz and the others flying trying to catch up to a crook.

XR saw they were heading far away and chuckles.

“So,” XR wrapped his arms around Nos and smirks.

“Wanna do more than kiss?”


The Panda. The Hachi-Roku. The King of Drift. The Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno. This Japanese beauty was named AE86 not because it was produced in 1986, that was a simple coincidence. The “A” stands for the 4A engine that was placed into each Toyota, the “E” meaning Corolla, “8” being the fifth generation (E80 series), and the “6” representing the sixth variation in its generation.

This particular specimen belongs to Sato Hirokazu, who was inspired by drifting legend Keiichi Tsuchiya when he saw his page in a motorsports magazine. Since this moment in his life, he has owned four AE86s, with this particular one being an ongoing project of his for 14 years. This 86 has a Levin conversion and he aspires to acquire some TRD Works overfenders for the front-end.

Some of Hirokazu’s parts and mods include “…a 4A-GE with a full overhaul, FUJITSUBO exhaust manifold, YOSHIMURA muffler, NAGAI DENSHI MDI, WAKO coil, NGK spark plugs, SARD fuel pump, APEXi s-AFC, Hot InaZuma, APEXi intake, KOYO radiator, FC3S oil cooler, and NISMO fuel regulator.” Exteriors claim “OEM kouki Levin front-end, OEM kouki Levin tail lights, OEM zenki front spoiler, OEM side skirts, OEM “double-stacked” rear bumper, UKIYA SYOUKAI fiberglass hood, EC Works Group-A Mirrors, Run Free eyelines, and a BMW M-series rear spoiler.

Being a huge fan of Pandas, I couldn’t refuse posting this bad boy. Thanks to StanceNation.com for the amazing article. Be sure to check them out in the source. You’re sure to see many more AE86 posts from me… Here is a full list of modifications:

SSR LONGCHAMP XR-4 14×8-12 (F) 14×8.5-19 ® + Center Caps
DUNLOP DZ101 185/55-14 (F&R)
GT-WORKS Coilovers 8k(F) 6k® with helper springs
CUSCO Upper Mount
GX71 Stabilizer & Short link
JUBIRIDE Negative Camber Adapter
Adjustable Tension Rods 
TRD Bushings
GT-V Stabilizer & Angle Correction Links
Adjustable Lateral Rod + Reinforcement Bar
TRD Bushings
Slotted Rotors

OEM ZENKI Front Spoiler
OEM Side Skirts
BMW M-series Rear Spoiler
OEM Double-Stacked Rear Bumper
UKIYA SYOUKAI glass fiber bonnet
Aero Catch
Pulled Fenders
EC Works Group A Mirrors
Run Free Eyeline

TAKATA Harnesses
MOMO DRIFTING Steering Wheel
CUSCO 7-point Roll Cage
Auto Meter Tachometer
OMORI Meter Water Temperature Gauge
OMORI Meter Oil Temperature Gauge
OMORI Meter Oil Pressure Gauge
OMORI Meter Vacuum Gauge
Garage Tiara Shift knob
E-brake Knob
Checkered Flag Floor Mats
SK Engineering High Speed Meter

ALPINE Head Unit
DVD Player
CD Player
MD Player
TV Tuner
2-way Speakers
Crossover Network
10” Subwoofers
Power Amplifier
Television Monitors ×3
Door and Interior Sound Deadening

4A-GE Full Overhaul
FUJITSUBO Exhaust Manifold
AIBAworks Tower Bar
Hotwires Plug Cord
WAKO coil,
NGK Spark Plug #7
Hot InaZuma
APEXi Air Intake
KOYO Radiator
FC3S Oil Cooler
OMORI Oil Block
SARD Fuel Pump
NISMO Fuel Regulator


that last post reminded me actually. when I first started taking seroquel XR there was no generic for it and I couldn’t afford it. but actually, I was running out of options for which medications I could take to treat my bipolar disorder because I had had terrible reactions to one class of medication, another class wasn’t helpful, and another was generally unaffordable

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Day 12

Make up, based on @paperhat-week-month prompts

They ways most couple makes up after an argument or being late for a date or even miss a date, would either kiss and make up, gifts, iou, etc.

For XR and his mate, it’s different.

They would make up by doing what the other wants or chooses or if a mission at the last minute is an exception of the rules. For XR he enjoys it tremendously because he gets to have Nos dress up or even do something else they can enjoy together.

The first time Nos dressed up for him, he dressed in a nurse outfit. At first it was to embarrass him but the way it hugged his body, ‘I couldn’t stop myself.’ He remember having numerous bites and scratches and a very sore bottom but it was worth it.

XR grin like a cat as he sat and waited on their divan for his Nos to come out of the room wearing what he chose.

Nos came out walking to him wearing a suit along with cat ears and a red and gold stripe tail that was swishing in irritation.

“Is the tail really necessary?”

XR nodded vigorously as he gazes at Nos. “Hey we both agree and we can’t deny what we agree. Besides, you’re really hitting the look. Maybe if you’re a good kitten, I’ll give you a tasty treat.”

Nos roll his optic and and walked up to him and sat on top of his lap, wrapping his arms around him. “The next time you make it up, you are dressing up as Alice.” Nos growls lowly.

“Your enjoying it, I can see it in your monocle.” XR grins as he kisses him and Nos complies with a growl mix with a rumble. “You know Nosy, they say male cats growl to their mate to tell them their in heat or was it females?” XR chuckles only he was then pushed back onto the divan. Said space ranger blushes when his dominant cat crawls over him like a cat.

XR blushes deeply and tried to stay confident but Nos was capable of breaking that

“Then you should know male cats have a special anatomy to make certain their mate knows they are theirs.” Nos growls as he licks the side of his face and leans to his receptor. “Would you care to try it?”

XR blushes how Nos can make him feel and grins. “So long as I’m the only one.”


Nos lays next to his mate who passed out after their long and quite fun filled hour. Nos will not admit it but he does enjoy this cosplay which is why he does on some occasion, does it on purpose. Nos kisses his mate’s cheek and sigh.

“The things I do for you.” Nos purrs and cuddles him close and drift to sleep.

Here Are The Best Olicity Moments From The 'Arrow' Season 4 Premiere
"I love every moment I am with you, no matter where we are."

Fantastic list of Olicity/Felicity moments from the premiere!  Well done, @mtvnews!  Love Oliver and Felicity.  They’re going to be one of the brightest spots in Season 4.

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