In Europe living rooms are dimmer. Lighting makes a huge difference to how you look. Lighting device is almost free compared to expensive Lolita clothes.


Wow Nico Nama by Scarlett (xQueenxBoox on YouTube) is really entertaining.

She can entertain audience with singing and dancing.

Singing is the biggest attraction, and the pretty face.

She has a “本気 (maji) singing mode”. That’s a good contrast with her 保母さん声.

保母さん声 is similar in sound to ロリ声, but somehow Scarlett doesn’t come off as loli.

She’s rather closer to 美人なお母さん. I like it!

Watch on pakaianniob041.tumblr.com

Scarlett (xQueenxBoox) is singing at Nico Panel. As you can see, the screen was full of applause!

The girl on the left is cosplayed as 翔(しょう). People call her “Shou”.

しょうちゃんだ! It’s Shou-chan!

うますぎる Too great

デビューできる You could make a debut.

発音がgood Your pronunciation is good.

合格 passed (as in a contest; people are comparing it to a singing contest)

プロだろ You ought to be professional.

ええ声  good voice

ハロヲタきたぁ Here comes a H!P Wota

うめええええええ Greaaaaaat

プロでやれる You can do it as a pro.

発音いいね Your pronunciation is good

翔ちゃん割とかわいいな Shou chan is so-so cute.

うますぎワロタ I laughed you’re so great

ここ音源 this is the sound source (as in “like the original”)

はい優勝!!! (You’re the winner!)

The deadline for the application for whom you want to see on stage

is May 26, 23:59.

I’ve already sent one, for Minimico (milkymico), but I’m going to send several forms at different times, pretending to be different persons.

I’m also going to send ones for other dancers. I’m going to send ones for Scarlett (xQueenxBoox) but I’m not sure if she’s available around August 18.


I know this video was taken quickly and not taken seriously, but I wrote this article for my readers anyway [as always! I’ve always intended for my readers when I wrote articles].

When the video started I thought “ah, too far away from the camera…again!”

but at 0:32 close-range shot came…I was relieved, but something was not right. I kept watching it…

Back to the original camera position. Close-range shot again, this time, grazing round from behind.

We can see several close-range shots, but she didn’t face the camera in none of them. 

The most important part of the song: “Sun Sun Summer Time…Yes!” [1:10 at Scarlett’s video, 1:15 and 2:25 at Momoiro Clover’s video]

This is the most important part. Up to this part the music goes up the stairs. The most exciting part of the song. Momoiro Clover members are wriggling and twisting their bodies. Close-up shot arond 2:25 in Momoiro Clover video…up to “Time”. I think it would have been better if it included the end of “Yes”.

While in Scarlett’s video, she neither faced the camera nor smiled at us. She didn’t wriggle her body. She was supposed to go trance at the “Co co co co co” part, but she wasn’t into it. At the same part, she didn’t move her weight to one leg.

“Co co co co” part is a double entendre. It’s obviously the part of “coconut” and birds making sound. You’re supposed to be a bird. Your hand is the bill.

This is a song about being excited about tropical summer (isnt’t it?). More summer-ish outfit and color combination would have been better! 


Live stream Day 1 from Nico Nico Booth, at Hyper Japan 2012

Queenboo being interviewed.

People from the world watched this, 72.3K in total.

They were all “cute, sugoi, kawaii, you should debut, come to japan, hire this girl”

They didn’t know she has a NND account, and uploaded videos.