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((I could see you rping as basically the entire Charlotte family tbh, and maybe Caesar : p ))

Based off my blog, what other characters could you see me Roleplay as?

Ahhh!! You really think so? ;w; Gosh, that makes me so happy to hear that I could be able to pull off such a feat ;w; 

To be honest though, if I didn’t pick up Perospero as my muse I know I would have definitely gone with Brulee!  She’s pretty much on my top 3 of favorite Charlotte children because of her design and just how she is in general! <3 Often times in outside RPs and in headcanon terms, I usually like to think Brulee and Perospero are rather close as they share the same father and often times share secrets with one another that they don’t usually share with their other siblings. Also, before I got the chance to see Perospero, I actually caught sight of Brulee and was super drawn into her and the arc! xD She was also suggested by my brother @spazzatroll24

 I also would have picked up Mont-d’Or as well for the same reasons. I really love his design and his overall attitude on things, plus his DF power is centered around books and I LOVE books! <3 Being a bookworm myself, I think I could easily connect with Mont-d’Or had I not picked up his eldest brother as my muse. However, it still doesn’t stop me from considering either of the two of them as possible chances! 

Other members of the Charlotte family I would have considered to do an ask or RP blog would be: 

Big Mom aka Charlotte Linlin as I really love her despite all the terrible things she has done to many people (including her own family) and how powerful she is! And to be honest, it is her I have to thank for getting me back into OP after taking such a long hiatus away from it. She introduced me to a wonderful family she has created and an even more awesome world that she had built as her own. Honestly, Big Mom deserves so much more love! But as far as I know, she has been a frequent guest on my blog and will keep making her appearance from time to time! 

Charlotte Moscato, the Charlotte that rarely recieved enough screen time and was killed pretty much immediately the moment he was revealed. Honestly, I feel really bummed out that not a lot of people in the fandom talk about him though I do understand given the short amount of time we were given with him. However, Moscato is a pretty great character to look at and his design takes me back to Manolo Sanchez from the Book of Life (a movie I highly adore btw)! Plus with the screen time he got in the anime as well, I really like how concerned and caring he was to try and not only stop his mother from destroying the capital, but also wanting to make sure the citizens were safe from her wrath. All in all, Moscato is awesome and needs more love!

Though not a member of the family I would consider RPing or making an ask blog about, Charlotte Anglais was suggested by @paultiteuf360​ which made for an interesting thought! This little monster is one of the younger siblings of the Charlotte family we rarely got to know and its kind of disappointing that so many members of the Charlotte family don’t really have much info on them, let alone names after seeing so many great designs throughout the arc. 

As for the other members of the Charlotte family, it really depends on how well I would be able to pull it off. I doubt I’d be able to do much justice for the Sweet Commanders, especially with Smoothie and Katakuri. Cracker I doubt I’d be able to do right either and always feel like that role was and always will be best portrayed by my brother @spazzatroll24. He does a way better Cracker then I ever could and honestly, I miss those days a lot. 

The same could be said for Pudding as well. While I have RPed as Pudding outside of Tumblr, they were mainly in AUs. Also, I feel I would not be able to do her the right about of justice. For me, the perfect Pudding portrayal goes to @douxpudding, @askcharlottepudding, and @xpuddings for their take on this lovely character! <3 They could do a way better Pudding then I could ever hope ^^

Galette, Praline, Lola, Chiffon, Anana, Oven, Daifuku, Opera, Compote, and many more also depend on but I love them all equally! I’ve considered Oven a few times, but we’ll see. As far as I know, pretty much every member will be making guest appearances along side their big brother Perospero constantly! After all, Perospero can’t do this without his wonderful family and I love them all too much to simply exclude them completely! x’D So keep an eye out for them, they will be around more often now! 

And Caeasr? Me? No way man xD I can’t pull that off as well as you or @gaseous-science can! You two portray perfect Caesar’s then I could ever do or hope to accomplish! Like seriously, he may not be my favorite character from OP but both of your portrayals has gotten me to like him a lot more over time with how well you guys do! <3 

Thanks for sending, love! Sending lots of kisses and hugs your ways! <3

*whispers* why are there so many of you, and why can’t i hug all of you?

i really am surprised that there are this many of you following me and my dumb cook. when i joined the fandom, i was only on my first ever read-through of one piece, and muse for sanji got me in alabasta. i felt really dumb at the time for getting muse for him so early cause i didn’t know a damn thing about him, but i’m glad i did because making this blog as given me the chance to meet so many amazing people.

i don’t wanna take up a lot of space on your dashboard, so below the read more is a list of people i follow. i’ve either interacted with you had had a ton of fun ( and want to interact again, ) or i admire you from afar.

then, below that, i have some messages for some people i’m very close to.

i love you guys and i really appreciate that you take the time to write with me. a lot of you have been pointing out that i have a lot of passion for sanji and i never realized that it was something people could notice, but i wouldn’t have that passion if it weren’t for you guys. ❤

sorry in advance if i miss any of your blogs if you have more than one, or if i missed anyone at all.

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