xprincessdoomx replied to your post “I really want a bigger house”

Thats why I have a 2bed room apartment. One is my room and the other is clothes/make up and storage.

Yeahh I’m in a three bedroom house right now but theres our bedroom, Jake’s studio, what will eventually be my blogging/vlogging/work/princess room/guest bedroom if the builders ever show up to fix the damp issue, and the extra reception is the snake room!T^T I don’t know how we take up so much space I really don’t lol

  • Jennipher: WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?!!?
  • Andrew: ...
  • ...$5.
  • Jennipher: I actually have that lol
  • Andrew: :D
  • Jennipher: I didn't say I was giving it to you.
  • Andrew: :'(
  • Jennipher: The fuck do I get?!
  • Andrew: The joy of having giving me money.
  • Jennipher: Are you high?!
  • Andrew: I will be after you give me the money to buy something.
  • Jennipher: I don't enjoy giving anyone money!
  • Not for 5 dollars lol You want that, I can give you a hydro!
  • Jennipher: You're the stupid whore, you cheap ass bitch!