Some of Lints’ friends came over to see that I was ok, one of them brought a book and the other… well he said the nurse confiscated most of his belongings because it would make the other patients nervous… but he offered to read the book to us instead, which was nice… It’s good to know Lints has good friends looking out for him.

(( I received Brony Deadpool’s message while uploading the last few parts of BrokenMemory, sorry I couldn’t reply to it earlier ^_^“))


I drew a couple followers. ^^ This was meant to serve as 150+ followers benchmark thingy, but seeing as I am still at 148. I decided just to post them. :D

((In order of appearance))

http://xpriggs-nonsense.tumblr.com/ ((He is a great Follower, and his reblogs are lawl inducing.)) 

http://braangster.tumblr.com/ ((She is 100% the reason why I now watch Doctor Who, Glee and Sherlock. :V Thank you))

http://littlepip-the-stable-dweller.tumblr.com/ ((FALLOUT FALLOUT FALLOUT FALLOUT!!! No, but really the mod behind this is great))

http://ask-lovelace.tumblr.com/ ((Her blog is fantastic and her art style is adorable. Blah blah blah, I could go on and on. Just check her out for yourself.))

http://ask-aquarius.tumblr.com/ ((He asked for a request long ago, and I felt like a jerk for never getting around to it. Mods have feels to.))

http://asksunraysmiles.tumblr.com/ ((Love this blog. I still laugh every time I see the Pokemon duel question. xD))

And that’s all I got for tonight. 

Just cause you aren’t one of these six doesn’t mean I love you any less. I actually planned to do more, but I didn’t have nearly enough time. So maybe another time. ^^ Anyways, I bid you all a goodnight. Or good morning.