I love how it only takes 5 mins and a bare minimum of effort for me to uninstall xposed, update the new version of android, re-root the phone, and reinstall xposed.

And my battery issues have been solved

What a time to be alive. 

Finally able to release this pic from out #wakingupinvegas shoot! This one is by far my favorite of all the ones we took! What do y'all think? Photography by @garrettbridwell and be sure to head over to @underwearexpert for the rest of the photos! #vegas #modeling #body #tan #speedo#freedomreigns @freedomreignsla #xposed #iwasxposed #sun #muscle @colbymelvin @whereiswisco

vardoeger asked:

Have you found a clever and reliable get-around for disabling some of the permissions of popular apps like Vine, Twitter, and Tumblr? I like them in theory but I don’t want them having access to my contacts, sms’, knowing who I call and for how long ect.

Use an xposed module called App Settings


Uninstalled an app recently because you didn’t like the look of a permission it was asking for? Now you can just nip into App Settings and stop that tube map from accessing your microphone.

App Settings will unlock the power of your apps. It might appear a little primitive but that’s it’s charm, because it takes you right to the core of all your apps’ settings and lets you override any of them, on a per app basis.


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