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“you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 10 people. one rule: no skipping”

  1. Half A Heart by One Direction
  2. Only An Act of True Love by Frozen
  3. Haunt by Bastille
  4. No scrubs/Angel (cover) by Bastille 
  5. Perfect World by Kodaline
  6. Diana by One Direction
  7. Numb Bears by Of Monsters and Men
  8. Who Are You by Switchfoot
  9. Use Somebody by One Direction
  10. Irresistible (mixed with a little bit of heaven) by One Direction
  11. You Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews
  12. By The Throat by CHVRCHES
  13. All or Nothing at All by Switchfoot
  14. Read All About It by Emeli Sande
  15. Find You There by We The Kings
  16. If I Lose Myself (acoustic) by OneRepublic
  17. R U Mine? by Arctic Monkeys
  18. A-Punk by Vampire Weekend
  19. Say My Name by Destiny Child
  20. Love In The Sky by The Weeknd

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xoziam replied to your post:what fic are u talking about u got me rly interested

on a scale from one to ten how would you scale this on a rec scale.. fUCK WAIT THIS WRITER WROTE THE FIC WITH ZAYN BEING A FAN AND LIAM BEING IN THE BAND WITH NIALL AND HARRY I’M OUT TO READ IT

idk maybe a 7-8 bc it’s a WIP :-( BUT THE LAST CHAPTER I WAS SWEATING S/F BAD TBH!! You should definitely go read it, and YES that ‘one in ten million fic’? i love that soooo much! I’m so glad we have people out here spending their time writing fics im so happyp i love ziam fics :-(

xoziam replied to your post: but why the gs5 gotta be so expensive …

waIT Shit i want to trade in my s4 for the s5 how much is this fucker

like 650 :(

shivermeniall replied to your post: but why the gs5 gotta be so expensive …

htc one (m8)

shut up

galaxyspaceandtime replied to your post: but why the gs5 gotta be so expensive …

verizon dropped it to 200

but what if i want it without a contract like just get the phone