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one tree hill (of course :p)

  • favorite male character: nathan
  • favorite female character: peyton
  • least favorite character: carrie
  • prettiest character: haley or peyton
  • funniest character:  idk brooke? haley has had some pretty funny moments
  • favorite season: season 3
  • favorite episode: the pilot
  • favorite romantic ship: leyton and naley
  • favorite family ship: lucas/keith
  • favorite friend ship:  breyton and laley
  • worst ship: idk dan/karen. does that count??

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To the anon: if anything is pathetic, it's the fact that you're sending hate to someone over a fictional character. Just because she loved this character two weeks ago doesn't mean she has to love this character forever. Heck, she can love the character at 2 pm and hate the character by 3 pm if she wants. Who cares? It's not that serious. She's not hurting you. Get a grip and stop being mean to people.

braddocksgirl14 replied to your post: Everything still hurts, Haley

I dont even know anymore. :(

I was going to say it gets better but I’m still not over the portal scene or anything else related to this show soooo


xoyankees replied to your post: In the last moments of his life Jason was probably thinking about how he would never hold Danny again. He could never be there for him to give him advice or love on him. He would never get to tell Sam he loved her one more time.



You guys just like to see me cry, obviously. 

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Answer this with 10 random facts about yourself and then send this message to your 10 favorite followers! :)

1. I have blue eyes
2. People tell me I look like Kristen steart a lot and I really really hate it.  
3. I have an obsession passion with literature that ends in tragedy. So it’s completely crazy that I love Shakespeare right? 
4.  I broke my leg when I was five.
5. When I was little my favorite clolor was pink. I was really girly actually. Now I hate it. I’m kind of a tom boy now :p
6.  I mutli ship, a lot 
7. I look a lot more like my dad then my mom.  
8. When I was for as a joke, my brothers told me we had an other sister, Maria who our mom kicked out, but I took them seriously.
9. I plan to major in English in college.
10. I love cheesecake! 

xoyankees replied to your post: Remember the scenes when Danny was dressed in jeans and a little black shirt and Jason took him to the park and pushed him back and forth on a little baby swing and then they sat on a blanket on the grass and Jason held Danny and told him how much he loved him and how excited he was to be a father and then he read travel books to him and Danny was looking at the pictures and giggling and Jason was smiling and everything was perfect? Oh wait.. THAT NEVER HAPPENED BC JASON WAS KILLED :’( okay bye.

I THINK THE BETTER QUESTION HERE IS… WHY DIDN’T RC WRITE THIS? p.s. sorry for making you and haley cry <3 #jasonanddannyforevs


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omg I recognize that lyric; are you vidding JaSam to the song stars?! On one hand this is awesome bc I was literally listening to it the other day and thought it was perf for JaSam but this is also cruel #nohaleydontdoit #cryingalready

Yes I am! It is the most perfect and heartbreaking songs for them and I am going to destroy all of your souls. 

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General Hospital!

The first character I first fell in love with Jason <3
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now Sam
The character everyone else loves that I don’t John…Britt
The character I love that everyone else hates Jason. It’s ridiculous all the hates he gets. :/ 
The character I used to love but don’t any longer Carly. I love TB and SJB’s version. 
The character I would totally smooch Jason or Lucky OR Jason AND Lucky. 
The character I’d want to be like 
The character I’d slap John well much more then slap…..
 A pairing that I love JASAM <3
 A pairing that I despis MCBAM -_-