I talk about this fic a lot, but today is the author’s birthday so I’m going to keep going and you’re all going to listen and then you’re going to go to the author and tell her happy birthday. Got it?

A few years ago, I opened up Empty Skies. Wanted to read it. Heard so many great things about it. Fuck, that word count. I’m bad at reading long fics. I hate getting invested in something so monumental because if it doesn’t have the closure I expected at the end, I’m disappointed. I hesitated to start the story. I read the first 1000 words or so and said fuck it. I don’t have time for this. Put it down for a few months. But, as fantastic stories tend to do, it continued to come back around. Finally gave in. I was a nanny at the time. I’d sit with my baby and rock him to sleep and lower the brightness on my phone and read (nanny of the year award). It didn’t take long before I was sucked in. Eventually stopped caring if it didn’t have the closure I wanted. Just wanted to keep reading and living in this universe. I’m a notorious skimmer. Didn’t do that once with Empty Skies. Read every word. Devoured it. Took me forever to finish it. When it was over, I felt this hurt in my chest that I relished in. A good hurt. I felt privileged that someone could come produce those kind of ideas and publish them for free, for us. Empty Skies set me back two weeks in homework. I couldn’t bring myself to do actual work when I knew that story was waiting for me to be read. I never told her this, but it also sparked the first fic I ever wrote (now abandoned, and total shit). I wanted to see if I could illicit the same kind of ache - the one that leaves you mulling and thinking and nostalgic. I have a lot of reasons for wanting to write, but Empty Skies pulled the trigger.

But she’s more than just her stories. That just happens to be where my love started.

Someone confused me with her a while back. I was honored. Shai reblogged the post and tagged it with “Shelly knows who I am?” Girl. Please. Floored (and confused) that you think someone like me has never heard of someone like you.

Shai, you have a beautiful mind and soul. You encouraged me (as I’m sure others) to tap into their creative side and dig deep. I’m thankful for you. Celebrate yourself today. It’s much deserved. Thank you for all you’ve done and know you’re very loved.

Have a beautiful birthday, @greenfeelings ❤️

hey guys!! i’m off to seattle for con this weekend! this is my first time there, i’m pretty pumped!

so i should have all three volumes of g’n’g with me, posters, THE NEW MINIS!!! etc..but thanks to weather holdups and flight issues, my gorgeous con wife @neven-ebrez is having a hard time making it into seattle, so setup could be a bit delayed. very sorry, but i’ll be around tonight! looking forward to seeing everyone!!

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Imagine; Dean brakes quickly in the car which launches them forward. He says "sorry baby" before driving again behind the car that caused it. Sam and Cas aren't fazed by this as they think he's talking to the car. He repeats it a couple of times before Sam interrupts with "Dean for god's sake the car's fine you just braked hard". Dean goes quite for a moment before replying "I was talking to Cas, but he didn't seem to get the message"



@taylorswift Taylor Alison💗
I hope you know I’m forever your biggest cheerleader. Even if I never get to see you in concert, in real life, I hope you know no matter what you ALWAYS HAVE MY HEART and that is a promise that I will never break.
I love you, pretty girl.

xoxoxoxoxoxo Juli

Not a Damsel { Sam Winchester x Reader }

“Ooo number 36 and 37 with Sam Winchester? Love your stories ❤️❤️”
{ xoxoxoxoxoxo}  @superwholockyooooo

  ” You were reckless! I could of handled it Sam! You nearly got killed!“ Once again , Sam put himself in danger to try and save you when you didn’t need him to .Its become a habit of his since you two decided to be more than friends . It’s been 2 months , and he’s done this about 7 times already.

” I did what I had to ! You couldn’t-“

“Can you pull your head out of your ass for 5 fucking seconds ?! I COULD OF HANDLED IT! You just don’t give me the chance to anymore ! Do you think I’m a bad hunter, is that why you’ve been doing this ? ”

“ no that’s not - y/n I -”

  “ then what sam! Because from where I stand it looks like you think I can’t do my damn job and that I’m going to die trying .”

I love you ! That’s why ! I can’t risk losing you, I’ve lost everyone else I loved , I’m not about to lose you when I can do something about it .”

  Your mouth hangs open at his confession , sure you knew he cares about you, but he loves you? How did you get this lucky ?

“ oh Sam . I love you too.” You move to him , leaning up to wrap your arms around his neck to pull him in for a kiss . When you part you lean your foreheads together ,

  “ but if you ever pull shit like that again, I will kill you . I can handle myself out there , I did before I met you, and I can do it now. I love you , but I’m not a damsel In distress.”

He chuckles and agrees , pulling me in for sweet, passionate kiss before scooping me up in his arms . “ what do you say I make it up to you ?”

  “ I wouldn’t argue .” You say, placing a kiss on his neck .

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Dude how do I get over a swb? It's been awhile since we broke up, and no he isn't harassing or anything. He is still a fuckboy, I get my info from a trusted source

I’ve found that in these cases the best thing to do is just to unfollow them on any kind of social media or anything and really try to forget about them. It’ll be hard at first but it’ll get easier with time I promise!

Also if you’re ready to, finding someone else can really speed up the process

Best of luck xoxoxoxoxoxo 

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You don't write any Snowing romance. They are never a couple; they are just co-parents. It's always Red and Snow romance. You ans jyst-an-outlaw should quit pretending you ship Snowing because you really ship Red Snow but want the Charming Family. Just free David to find someone who will love him romantically and not just as a coparent. It's so odd because canon Snowing are so affectionate and passionate. But not your stories. Maybe you're allergic to heterosexual pairings.

You know what thank you so much! I finally realised why I’m always getting ill! It’s cause I’m allergic to heterosexuals! Shit if only I had known this years ago, I could have told my doctors! Hey, you being an all knowing wise person, can you tell me if the heterosexuals caused me to be disabled? (I doubt you really care that you’re tryna cyberbully a disabled person cause you don’t seem to have much else to do…) 
Also is this something I have to put on a form when I list my allergies at the dentist or the doctors, I’m having surgery soon and I need to know if I could request only gay doctors and nurses? 

This actually gives me a perfect excuse not to read most of the novels I have to read at university, I can now say that it’s because they contain straight people, I am simply allergic to it so I cant possibly read them…. The only class I’ll be able to attend is my sexualities class as thats full of gay books and gay people so I won’t like break out in hives or whatever. 

Thank you so much for contributing to my life in such a positive way, I’ll be sure to let @just-an-outlaw and anyone else who may be suffering from being allergic to heterosexuals know that they should go to their doctor and get tablets or something. 

P.S I fear you may end up spending your time obsessing over my allergies, and I really don’t want that for you, you’ve already been so, so, helpful - so Imma block you- love you so much babes! xoxoxoxoxoxo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY skoptsy!!!!!!!!!!! ;U;/ I’d like to start my sappy speech with how much ILU. Your one of the nicest if not the nicest artist I’ve ever met, not once have i ever felt insignificant when talking with you. Your extremely patient with me and help me when i ask for your advice or help, you listen to me when i spam in your streams. You said my oc was nice and followed me hence our unborn child that was the cause of that. LMFAO. Your art is perfection and your oc’s are too. I hope you had the best birthday ever because you deserve it!!!! ;V;/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVELY SEMPAI!!!!! i included your fav’s in my drawing *wink *wink *nudge nudge**** HUE. ILU. BYE. <333

p.s. i hope i didnt butcher your oc lmfao. <333 xoxoxoxoxoxo

Happy early Valentine’s Day, y'all! This sadly is the only picture I’ll be submitting til next week. Life (school mainly) is crazy hectic and there isn’t much time for art outside of the classroom.

Anyway, instead of the cliched flowers or chocolate I’d usually have the guy giving his gal, I went for a different approach. Initially, I had April holding a card Raph had made her in her hand but I was too lazy to include it, so it’s just a sweet simple kiss.  Sometimes just being together enjoying some alone time is the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Hope y'all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day whether or not you have a significant other to celebrate with. As for myself, I will be treating myself to some pizza and dark chocolates after a weekend workshop I have to attend. Have a good one, y'all! xoxoxoxoxoxo

I wrote cute little paragraphs for my boys for Mutation Day. Because everyone else is celebrating early, I thought I would put these on tumblr early too! Guys, you still have to wait until Tuesday for your presents though! No way am I giving you them early!


To my Space Hero (see what I did there?)

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day dear Leonardo!

Happy mutation day to you!

You’re so old now! You need to stop growing! It’s scary.

You need to eat lots of cake. Like, loads. You just need to. Don’t question it. You deserve to have fun on your Mutation Day. You work so hard every day of the year, looking after your brothers and me and I just want you to know that we really appreciate it. We understand it isn’t easy being leader but you certainly make it look simple!

You’re like a big brother to me and I love you so much! Thanks for everything Leo. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

Lots of love,

Your favorite sparring partner xo


Hey tough guy!

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day dear Raphael!

Happy mutation day to you!

I know you don’t like it but I’m totally gonna sing this to you in person too >:)

I also know you don’t like mushy stuff but I’m not gonna leave you out.

When I look back to how our friendship started, I can’t believe how far we’ve come! Way back then, when I was a little scared of you. When I waited for you to text me first because I was afraid you’d get angry. Pfft! Why in the world was I scared of you??  Now, we can sit in silence together and it won’t be awkward. Started from the bottom now we here!

Even though your cheeks aren’t as squishy as I’d like them to be, I still love you so much!

Lots of love,

April Bruises-Like-a-Peach O’Neil xo

To Mikey-Moo Superstar DJ!

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day dear Michelangelo!

Happy mutation day to you!

Mikey! You’re a MAN NOW! What happened to my precious little turtle baby?? You’ve grown up so fast! D:

The moment I found out you loved cats as much as I did was the moment we were bonded for life. I remember that moment well. We were on a rooftop and we saw movement at the same time. In perfect sync, we both pointed enthusiastically at a tabby and shouted CAAAT! I knew in that moment we were gonna be friends forever!

I love you so so so much my little pumpkin!

Lots of love,

Your fellow cat lady xo


To my Super Awesome Fabulous Cutie-Pie of a Genius!

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day to you!

Happy mutation day dear Donatello!

Happy mutation day to you!

HAPPY MUTATION DAY TO MY AMAZING BEST FRIEND! Prepare for lots of April hugs! Try to have fun today and don’t be working away in the lab or I will come in there after you!

Donnie, when we first met and you saved me from the Kraang, I knew you were gonna be someone very important to me. Now, you’re like a part of me. If I go a few hours without talking to you, I get withdrawal symptoms! If you’re not by my side, I feel vulnerable. And when we’re together, I feel strong and confident and so so happy. I’ve never met anyone like you before and I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

I can’t even put into words how much you mean to me. I don’t think I’d be able to survive if I lost you. You mean the world to me. You make me smile like no one has before. I love you all the way to the moon and back!

Lots of love,

Your favorite lab partner and your fabulous partner-in-crime xoxoxoxoxoxo

Hello my lovely poopsies! 

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And who should I be thanking for this glorious moment? YOU GUYS OF COURSE! In all seriousness though, I wanna thank (and hug) each and every one of my followers. Obviously, I wouldn’t have 900 followers if it weren’t for you. And I know there are also blogs who still follow me even though I’ve DRASTICALLY switched fandoms which still surprises me. Y'all are probably like “dafuck is this yaoi doing on my dashboard.” And let me just say thanks for sticking through it. 

Now to celebrate this wondrous moment I’ve decided to do a follow forever (obviously. Faye, why you so stupid) So, without further ado, I present to you the blogs that have kept my dashboard going and kept me from going insane from boredom. xoxo


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And that is all from me :) Once again, thank you so much for following my ridiculous blog and dealing with all the shit it comes with. And also thank you to the people I follow for making tumblr enjoyable!