can we talk about how perfect un-lockeddd
thank you so much for being my best friend
you’re always there when I need you and you always know what to say
thank you for helping me talk through everything tonight and standing by me even when I do things that you think I shouldn’t
to the moon and back isn’t even half as much as I love you
ps you’re cute af when you sleep

My Sister Poetess

She is of an ancient spring
Twinkling magic stream
Of consciousness

Oh, but she is not a dream.

She wades back and forth
And a strength
Like sun filtered madness
Caught like dragonfly wings
In a sparkling web

Touch her to see for yourself,
Read the words falling
Like what’s left of
Shooting stars,

But she’s here ,
Not there,
She’s human
And her words
Cloak her like
A queen,

My fellow poetess,
Let us continue
to impart love
and beauty

Through the war
Of our torn hearts.

This ,
I pen for you .

Okay so I know that like 99% of folks don’t read this bit but I really do wanna thank y'all for following me and sticking around through all the silliness and oocness of this wacky blog. I’m always awful with giveaways but I’ll try my best to follow through this time around because I really want to give something back for you cuties

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