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do you know of any poc models?


(this is just an assorted list of my faves. there are a lot of models out there!!) 

(bolded = absolute favourites)

Abiah Hostvedt  - America

Adonis Bosso - Canada 

Arjan van Hesteren - The Netherlands 

Dajé Barbour - America 

Deion Smith - America

Dudley O'Shaughnessy - England

Han Seung Soo - South Korean

Harry Uzoka - England

Henrico Van Niekerk - England?

Jake Lockhart - England

Jino Chun - South Korea 

Joo Eojin - South Korea 

Josh Bartley - England

Jordun Love - Trinidad & Tabago

Kim Sang Woo - England/South Korea

Kim Won Jung - South Korea

Louis Mayhew - America

Markel Williams - America

Michael Lockley - America

Noa Thomas - America

Noma Han - South Korea

Ola-J. Adeyemi - America

Omar Borkan Al Gala - Iraq

Philippe Koo - Canada (Half Chinese-Mauritian)

Richard Edwardes - England

Satoshi Toda - Japan 

Sen Mitsuji - Australia (Japanese)

Sol Goss - England

Ted Velasquez - America

Vince Harrington - England

Willy Cartier - France (Half Vietnamese)

Zach Picotte - America

Zakaria Khiare - Denmark

 Welcome, everybody. Welcome. I’ve gathered you all here today for the celebration of my follow forever. I’ve finally reached 1600 followers and although that might not be a lot to some of you guys, it’s a huge accomplishment to me.

I’m gonna try and stay away from the sappiness and corniness as much as possible lol. This follow forever is just me recognizing some of the coolest, funniest, most beautiful people that I follow on this website. The new friends I made and will soon make. Thanks for making my dash amazing!!!!! 

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can we talk about how perfect un-lockeddd
thank you so much for being my best friend
you’re always there when I need you and you always know what to say
thank you for helping me talk through everything tonight and standing by me even when I do things that you think I shouldn’t
to the moon and back isn’t even half as much as I love you
ps you’re cute af when you sleep

My Sister Poetess

She is of an ancient spring
Twinkling magic stream
Of consciousness

Oh, but she is not a dream.

She wades back and forth
And a strength
Like sun filtered madness
Caught like dragonfly wings
In a sparkling web

Touch her to see for yourself,
Read the words falling
Like what’s left of
Shooting stars,

But she’s here ,
Not there,
She’s human
And her words
Cloak her like
A queen,

My fellow poetess,
Let us continue
to impart love
and beauty

Through the war
Of our torn hearts.

This ,
I pen for you .

recovering from an abusive/ controlling relationship means you get to re-discover little pieces of your freedom that you didn’t even know you’d lost. For me it’s things like splurging on Bath and Body Works lotion without feeling guilty, uploading as many selfies as I want, not apologizing for being a luxuriant femme. It’s scary how abuse chips away at you little by little until you don’t even notice what you’re losing. Don’t ever let anyone shame you for taking care of yourself, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you aren’t worthy of every last drop of sweetness you can squeeze out of life.

Okay so I know that like 99% of folks don’t read this bit but I really do wanna thank y'all for following me and sticking around through all the silliness and oocness of this wacky blog. I’m always awful with giveaways but I’ll try my best to follow through this time around because I really want to give something back for you cuties

  • You must have followed me before I posted this
  • Reblogs & Likes are allowed but please only one of each
  • Unfortunately this is only for rp blogs sorry to my personal followers xoxo
  • This will end on Jan 3rd at 11:00pm PST
  • Upon winning please contact me w/ information regarding prizes & such
  • Please be patient w/ me bc I’m lame and absent minded
  • 3 people will receive 20 icons of their choice of fc/character
  • 2 people will receive 20 icons + a promo complete with promo graphic & such
  • 1 person will receive 40 icons, a graphic promo, an online & offline banner, & a spot in my sidebar for the reminder of january


But yeah good luck bbies! May the odds ever be in your favor <3333333