SO proud of Shawols

Everyone’s reaction to the news that SHINee will not comeback this year is making me love you all so much more…although we miss them so much…everyone is happy they get to take a ‘mini rest’… and for Jinki to not endanger his voice by rushing back. I don’t see any freaking out or “angry” fans…Yup i am definatly part of the right fandom. xoxo

Civil War was the end of fanon Sam Wilson and I am so grateful.

There was no team therapist, there was no blind following, he didn’t trust Bucky just because Steve told him they should, he wasn’t unbelievably nice and accommodating to the assassin that almost killed him on three separate occasions, and he didn’t let Steve drag him into a fight without considering his own safety. He was so fun and supportive, but also honest and intense and commanding and took no shit. So all-in-all ultra-passive, “good bro”, team therapist Sam is dead. He never even existed in the first place and he better not show up in any more fics. The End.

“Cαre leѕѕ αвoυт wнαт oтнer people тнιɴĸ вecαυѕe αт тнe eɴd oғ тнe dαy, everyoɴe ιѕ ѕo worrιed αвoυт тнeмѕelveѕ, αɴd нow тнey’re coмιɴɢ αcroѕѕ тнαт ɴoвody'ѕ αcтυαlly jυdɢιɴɢ yoυ αѕ мυcн αѕ y'αll тнιɴĸ тнey αre.”
- Tyler Oakley