Steve Disovering Natasha's Flat

(sorry it’s so long, but enjoy)

The mission was supposed to be easy, or that was what Steve thought, and it was easy, just not on Natasha. 

It all started in Russia, and he wished – he so badly wished – that what happened in Russia stayed in Russia, but that wasn’t the case.  Russia.  The Soviet Union, the Land of Ice.  All this talk of everlasting winters gave Steve chills because his life was literally an everlasting winter for 70 years, but his issues almost seemed nonexistent compared to Natasha’s.

Let’s just say that her history with Russia could be compared to someone’s relationship with their mother in-law: bad.  Steve didn’t know much about her.  Well he knew that she liked pineapple on her pizza (since when was that normal?), and he knew that she always won at poker, and that she would have been a really good dancer, and also that she wasn’t as cold hearted as she wanted everyone to be.  He knew all these little things about her now, but he knew very little about Natasha back then, and he preferred to keep it that way.

Natasha didn’t ask him about his past (even though it was pretty much in every museum by now), and he didn’t ask about hers; it was kind of an unspoken rule between them.

Now here he was on the quinjet staring back into the green eyes of Natasha Romanoff, of the Black Widow, and he couldn’t help but wonder about all the secrets she hid behind them. 

Apparently one of the targets happened to recognize Natasha, and that would have been fine; she was trained for these type of situations, she practically lived for them, but this time almost killed her.  He could hear her through the comm in his ear, and he could sense her heartbeat rise as soon as the mark said her name.  Natalia Romanova, is that really you?  The way he said it made Steve feel sick.  He said it liked he owned her, like she was a prize that he finally won after all these years, so it was no surprise to Steve, when the next thing he heard was Natasha kicking his sorry ass.  He would have very much enjoyed letting her go ahead with it, the bastard probably deserved it, but that wasn’t part of the plan.  They needed him alive.

So when Captain America got called into to stop her, shocked would be the wrong word to describe what he saw next.  Natasha had a nasty bruise on her cheek, but it was the blood on her suit that made him the most worried, mostly because he didn’t think it was hers.  She was pointing a gun at the man kneeled on the hard cement floor.  His face made Natasha’s look like a masterpiece, but that wasn’t very hard to do, at least to Steve.  It wasn’t even the blood on her suit, or the appearance of the target, or the bad way he knew this was going to end that scared Steve the most, it was the shakiness of her hand that held the gun, and the distant look in her eyes, that made him wonder if Natasha was really in there.

She always followed the plan, she was always on top of everything even if something went wrong, and she could always find a way out, a way to fix things.  Natasha was a damn good agent, but seeing her in this state almost threw all those other facts out the window.  He eventually talked Natasha into putting the gun down, and everything else was a blur.  Every time Steve closed his eyes on the flight home he saw her face break for just a minute as she dropped the gun.  How can someone look so broken in just one second?  Maybe the real question was how can someone look so strong for all the rest?

That’s why after they finished the mission briefing with Fury, he waited for Natasha to wash up, and he offered her a ride home, not to find the answer, but to know where to start.

She was silent the whole drive except when giving directions to Steve.  Then when he got to her apartment complex, and watched her walk out of the car he couldn’t hide the moment of disbelief displayed on his face when she said “Are you really going to wait until I invite you inside?” and he took that as a cue to follow her.

Her apartment was on the fourth floor, and from the outside it couldn’t look any more normal.  There was a little black cat waiting outside the door.  He always secretly pinned her as a cat person.

“Is that yours?” he asked referring to the cat, as she unlocked the door.

“No,” she said, though when the door opened the cat followed her inside.  Steve decided not to ask.

When he first walked inside he took a moment to absorb the surroundings.  He was taught that as a soldier.  To the left there was a bare mattress in the middle of the room, on the unusually, almost suspiciously clean wood floor, where a couch would normally go.  Across from the bed (if you could even call it that) was a TV, with a small almost fragile looking chair off to the side.  Then there was the kitchen to the right.  The appliances weren’t old, but they weren’t new either, and if he looked close enough, he could almost see dust building on the surface.  The kitchen table had lots of takeout boxes and files, and folders, and papers he couldn’t understand on it that might serve as an odd sort of table cloth.  There wasn’t very many personal items that he could see aside from the large world map over the kitchen table with lots of X’s, and the small framed photo of her and Clint side by side next to the flat screen.  The frame was old and falling apart, hanging tilted on the wall, but they both looked younger in the picture, almost happier. 

Steve was snapped out of his thoughts by Natasha asking him if he was just gonna stand there or come get a beer?  Embarrassed, he walked over to her, and grabbed the cool beer out of her hand, and he tried not to notice her the way the drink shook slightly in her hand. 

After taking a sip of the beer, she just stared at him like she was waiting for him to say something or do something, so he looked down at his shoes.  Steve was never very good with girls.  When he eventually looked back up, Natasha was pouring what looked like vodka into shot glasses.  She took a sip of hers, and then offered him one.

“You know I can’t get drunk,” he said, but she just shook her head.

“Then we won’t drink to get drunk, we’ll drink to remind us we’re living,” she said handing him the small glass.

Reluctantly Steve downed the glass, and as the ice cold vodka made its way down his throat, he couldn’t help but remember the last time he drank – when Bucky died.  The alcohol left a burning feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he was reminded that she was Russian. 

It was late, but he had lost track of time long ago.  After the fifth or six shot Natasha started to get show signs of being drunk, and by the ninth one she was definitely beyond wasted.  Steve was starting to feel a little fuzzy himself, but he decided to blame it on tiredness.

Natasha went to sit on one of the kitchen stools, when she almost fell off, so Steve decided to call it a night. 

“I should go,” he said as he started walking towards the door.

“You know the guy I almost killed today?” she slurred, but continued, ignoring what Steve said.  “He gave me my first drink after my first kill,” she paused and swallowed hard.  “I was seven; she was my best friend.”

“Natasha I had no idea—,” but he didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence because her lips were on his, and his hands were on her waist, and hers were around his neck, and in his hair.

They were rough kisses, desperate kisses, and Steve would know because it’s been a while since he’s last kissed someone, but here he was kissing Natasha Romanoff, and it seemed too good to be true, and maybe it was.  It wasn’t until her hands moved to the buttons on his shirt that he felt water on his cheeks.  He opened his eyes, and saw that Natasha had been crying – and still was, with the tears dripping slowly down her normally stoic face. 

Steve pulled away and was about to say something when she put her head on his chest, and wrapped her arms around his much larger frame, and she started to shake in silent sobs.  It’s okay, Steve repeated over and over until she calmed down.

Natasha would then say something that he couldn’t understand (maybe it was in Russian, maybe it was an apology), and soon after Steve would pet the cat that wasn’t hers and leave.  She probably wouldn’t remember this in the morning, and he wouldn’t bring it up, but that was okay because he had a feeling that this wouldn’t be his last time in her apartment, and for now that was enough.

Maybe Natasha was too strong for her own good, or maybe she just built everything up until she had to blow, but maybe Steve was the same way, and maybe that was why they worked.

I’ve never entered a challenge before but wanted to give this a shot, so thanks so much for reading:)

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Ichigo for the character meme :)

Yessss I was waiting for someone to send me Ichigo 

  • What I like about them: What don’t I like about him? I like that he has orange hair and that he is a fast learner, that he is a Shakespeare nerd and an Al Pacino fan, that he let a girl he barely knew live in his closet, that he steps up to the challenges thrown his way, that he angsts over his hollow taking control of his body, how he chooses what people to respect, how he inspires loyalty, when he acts cocky, his gentleness towards children, his protectiveness
  • What I dislike about them: How easily and fast he forgave Urahara. Like noooooo he withheld VITAL information from you!!! He used you to fix his own mistakes!! And I know he apologized to Ichigo, and I guess it’s his choice whether to forgive him or not, but I wish Ichigo hadn’t trusted Urahara again and again. 
  • Favourite moment: omg so many…. Whenever he was being a badass or making a great entrance or saving the day. But if I have to choose a single moment, I would say his fight against Hichigo in his inner world during the vizard training. 
  • Least favourite moment: when Ulquiorra KILLED HIM or when Ginjo BLINDED HIM, which actually affected me more as I need to wear glassess constantly and eyesight has always been a sensitive issue to me
  • A situation with this character that I want to see explored more: I never tire of his relationship with his hollow and there can’t be enough scenes of the two of them interacting, so it’s no wonder that I’m dying to know more about their bond now that Ichigo knows that Hichigo is, in fact, Zangetsu. I just really want to see him coming to terms with that part of himself. Also, I want more of him using his hollow mask to fight the quincy.
  • An interesting AU for this character: ICHIGO BEING RAISED BY HIS SHIBA RELATIVES. Little Ichigo hero-worshipping Kaien and Kukaku, or Ichigo bickering with Ganju, or Isshin bringing him to the 10th squad and Rangiku gushing over him and Toshiro being relieved that he’s not the one being coddled for once, or Ichigo going to the shinigami academy and acing all his classes expect kidoh classes and he gets stuck there like forever. And then he meets Rukia and Renji at the academy and I always stop right there because I can’t handle that scenario.
  • A crossover: I really love Bleach, and I really love Ichigo as its main character. BUT no one can deny that a Pacific Rim AU would be the best thing ever, and Ichigo would be a great pilot alongside Rukia. I think this is the crossover that fits his character the more, tbh
  • OTP (or OT3+ etc…. just… favourite ship): Ichiruki, to absolutely no one’s surprise.
  • Other ships?: Ichiishi, ichiren, grimmichi
  • BROTP: ichiruki again, ichiishi, the karakura kids, byakuya
  • NOTP: Ichigo/urahara
  • An assortment of headcanons! if he didn’t have any shinigami powers he would study literature at college and become a writer in the future. If this were the pokemon world his main pokemon would be a Dragonite (gentle yet fierce). His first child is a black-haired son and he’s the best dad ever

Send me characters!

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Pffff, SP isn’t even trying to hide their hate. They hate Neji, Sakura and Sasuke so much, it’s unbelievable… Do they even know the word professionalism ? That’s why I’m glad they stopped Bleach in anime version.

I always knew they favorited Hinata but to favor her this much to put others such as Neji, Sakura and Sasuke down SO MUCH? Really? Accusing Neji that he stalks and sexually harassing Hinata, really?? It’s beyond what I imaged…

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Naruto (obv haha !)

Alrighty, here we go!!!

First character I fell in love with: hmmm this is hard because Naruto is such a generic answer, but maybe Shikamaru?  I have so much love for him, especially when he fights Temari.

The character I never expected to love: *deep sigh* probably Neji.  Only because he was a huge dickbag for a little bit, but after a while, he was super awesome.

The character everyone else loves that I don’t: Hinata.  It’s not that I hate her, just unimpressed.
The character I love that everyone else hates: Ugggghhhh, I really like Karin and I know there’s a major part that hates her.
The character I used to love but don’t any longer:  There’s not really one.  Once I loved them, they stayed that way.
The character I would totally smooch: Minato, hands down
The character I’d want to be like: Obviously our queen, Sakura
The character I’d slap: Definitely Sasuke.  Lil shit needs a good slapping.
A pairing that I love: NARUSAKU *cries into the sunset*
A pairing that I despise: UGGGHHH SASUSAKU just no.


knb characters + eyes

I got tagged by the lovely @xoxomyseriesxoxo, yayyy! (I never thought I would get tagged by you haha)


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Name: Farhanah (It means “happiness” in Arabic) but you can call me Hannah :D
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Favorite Color: Purple, red, pink
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Favourite Animal: Kittens
Favourite Video Game: I haven’t played video games in a long time.
Favourite Character from Anything: Kinomoto Sakura, Lucy Heartfilia, Natasha Romanoff
Do You Prefer Night or Day: Night
Favourite Pokemon: I haven’t watched Pokemon since kindergarten. Um but during those times I always thought Pikachu was my favorite.
Do You Prefer Being Active or Relaxing: Relaxing
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Your Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Favourite Season: I haven’t experienced the four seasons in a long time. Hmm winter probably. Just because I live in a tropical country now and I miss the snow days.
Favourite Song: No Air - Jordin Sparks
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