Reasons To Have A Guy Bestfriend
  • Less drama
  • They are a brother you never had.
  • He will fight for you like he’s your BF, protect you like he’s your brother, & love you like he’s your dad.
  • They are always 110% honest with you.
  • They won’t judge you.
  • You can always be yourself around them.
  • They will always be there for you no matter what.
  • You can have a guy hug when needed lol.
  • They are the best type of bestfriend to have.
  • Always supportive
  • They tell you the secrets on how guys really think.
  • They will give you their honest opinion instead of lying to make you feel better.
  • THey actually listen.
  • Give you great advice from the male point of view.
What Is Love? <3

In life everyone falls in love, but what is love?

Love is apart of life everyone deals with.

Love is spontaneous, adventurous, and exciting.

Love is unconditional feelings you get from that special someone.

Every time I hear your voice I get this warm bubbly feeling inside.

You make me feel like a beautiful flower all elegant & sweet inside & out.

You treat me like the queen I am, & you are my king.

Please come to me soon, because I will love you always and forever,

I can promise you that.

What is love?

By: Liz Lawrence (me)

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