I got to hang-out with some of my friends on this week’s Monday. Our meeting time was 12:30PM at Zee’s but as usual, some of us were late.

Liezel and I experienced our first drive-in car wash (not a big deal) and after that, we picked up John and Jean at their house. When we arrived at Zee’s, Joi and Jowi just got there and Zee was outside - either welcoming them or she just arrived. Later on, Gian and Aldione joined us.

We played this game called The Game of Things, more info here, and later I read palms again. Well, not fortune telling but more on reading feelings, etc. I’ll explain it some other time. I don’t know what time we left at Zee’s but after that Liezel, Joi, Jowi, John, Jean and I went to town, were supposed to sing karaoke but it was closed, and then headed to John and Jean’s to continue our hang-out. Carbonara is one of my favourite pastas so I was happy we had it that day.

By 09:30PM, Liezel, Jowi, and I were at Gian’s and Aldione joined us for an extension of our hang-out. We played Uno, ate (again) pancit and prawns, and drunk tequila. I failed at getting myself drunk again so I still have that on my bucket list.

Really had fun that day. Will miss these guys as I might not see them again for months when I return to Auckland this week.

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1)who is your ultimate OTP?
I dont actually have any otps…. But i have two real life otps that would be pretty cool if they got together^^
2)can you describe your best friend?

No i cant so have this fluffy galah in return

3)if their is a book in front of you that says whats going to happen to you in the future would you read it? why?

I would make that face, because its tempting. But, no. There wouldnt be any suprises in life if i did read it.
4)whats your favorite band (english band) ?
I was asked this the other day and i have to say fallout boy.

5)if you got the chance to make 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
1. To know how to speak/read/write in any language on this planet
2. Be able to teleport at any given time without people noticing
3. To be able to play any song on any instrument

6)are you social or anti-social?
Im caught up in between i like to get to know people but, at first its just really scary when i first meet them ahaha.

7)what did you eat today?
Today i had bbq at a friends house. It was brilliant!!!!!!

8)if you got the chance to talk to your bias what would you tell him?
If the time comes, i will probably know what to say. Right now i dont know…..

Now for my questions!!!!
1. How did you discover kpop?
2. If given the chance, where would you want to visit for one month?
3. Choose one : teleportation, telekenisis or telepathy? Why?
4. What do you notice first in a person?
5. If i would say, you have one week left to live, what would you do? How would you spend it?
6. What turns you on?
7. What turns you off?
8. What was the last song you sang?
9. Do you have any fears or phobias?
10. What is your style in clothing?
11. Did you know that you are awesome?