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Taken - Part Five

Joker x The Reader

Hey puddins, I’m back! Yes, finals are now over and I can finally get back to writing again :) I hope you enjoy xoxo -S


Your eyes flutter open the next morning and you turn and look at the clock. 10:17 am. Sunlight peers from the bedroom window, almost blinding you, so you turn and face the other way. You groan as you place your hands on your forehead, trying to ease the dull roar of your still existent headache from the night before.

What do you do now that you apparently live here? You get out of the bed and walk over to the closet and open the double doors. You finger through myriads of outfit choices, including long elegant dresses, blouses, and skirts. Your eyes catch a glimmering gold dress and you pull it out of the closet. Upon further inspection, you see it is a long sleeved dress with a slit running on the left side of the leg. You are astounded by how gorgeous it is. You place it on your body, looking at yourself in the mirror thinking about how you would look in it when you hear a voice behind you.

“That dress is going to look stunning on you.”

You gasp and turn around and see J standing in the doorway shirtless wearing black sweatpants. His perfectly carved pale abdomen is covered in tattoos. He bit down on his lower lip and you felt an instant warmth in your groin. God damn it.

You look at him confused, wondering when you’ll be wearing the gorgeous dress.

“I’m having a ball on Friday, and you are to wear that dress and to be my date,” he says walking towards you.

“But lets put that away for now,” he says, taking the dress away from you and putting it back in the closet.

“Come, lets go downstairs for breakfast,” he states, grabbing your hand, and leading the way.

You walk downstairs with J, hand in hand and bask in awe about how enormous his estate really is. The floor of the upstairs hallway in donned in white marble accompanied with a white marble spiral staircase leading downstairs to the front entrance area, also covered in white marble accented with a red carpet. When you get downstairs to the front entry room, J leads you down a hallway and turns right and you enter into a long dining room hall, which is completely extravagant, decorated in dark mahogany wood with gold accents.

You see a woman dressed in black dress pants and a blouse, moving about a long extended table, placing bacon strips on the two plates at each end of the table. J leads you to the one seat and pulls your chair out for you and signals you to sit. You sit down and J waltzes over to his seat, directly across the table from you. You look down at your white and gold plate and see sunny side up eggs, white toast, bacon, and sausage. The woman then comes back with orange juice and fills your glass about halfway. She walks over and does the same with J’s glass.

“Thank you, Cheryl,” he says, dismissing her, and she exits the hall, leaving you and J alone.

“So how did you sleep?” J asks, nibbling on a piece of bacon, trying to make small talk, but you weren’t having it.

“When am I going home?” You ask firmly, answering his question with one of your own. You firmly grasp the gold fork in your hand, trying to release some of your built up tension. J just simply chuckles.

“Kitten, this is your home,” he says. “Now please, lets just eat breakfast. I do not want to discuss this now.”

You scoff. How can he just put this off? Seriously, what was the point of you being here? What was his purpose? You’ve had enough. You get up to leave the room and J immediately locks his eyes on you. You walk over to the door and J drops his fork on the plate and rushes to the door, following you. You try to open the door, but J slams it on you from behind you. You turn around to face him and he has both hands on the door, trapping you against it.

“You’re not going anywhere, dolly,” he growls, exposing his silver grill, his face inches from yours.

“Yeah? What are you going to do about it?” You ask, trying to intimidate him.

Suddenly, he presses his blood red lips against yours and your tongues dance together like a twisted tango. He bites down on your lower lip hard, causing it to slightly split, and you can taste the blood. He moves to your neck, sucking hard and biting in the crevices. This causes a warm rush that encompasses your whole body, and you ache for his touch.

“Daddy doesn’t like when his princess disobeys him. I’ve told you once, now I have to punish you,” he says, picking you up. You wrap your legs around his bare torso, and he proceeds to open the dining hall door and carries you back up the marble staircase into a dark green and purple bedroom.