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Hello! This is my first time requesting. Can I get a Prompto x reader where the reader has a crush on Prompto, but she is afraid that she'll never get a chance with him? Since you know, he's always talking about and fawning over Cindy. And because of that, the reader develops hanahaki disease. You can google that, but it's basically like the victim is constantly throwing/coughing up flower petals due to suffering from unrequited love. Sprinkle some of that angst and make me cry!! Thank you! xoxo

Okay. So, I was halfway through a request when this one came in and I FELL IN LOVE. I had never heard of hanahaki before this and I have since read and looked at dozens of fics/artwork that revolves around this. I love the idea of this tragically beautiful condition being a result of unrequited love. Thank you so very much for sending in this request. I hope you like it even half as much as I have enjoyed researching/writing this.

For this story, I chose to use blue forget-me-not flowers which are said to symbolize true love – and they remind me of the color of Prompto’s eyes. I did add some fantastical elements with the coloring so they’re not the pretty light blue you typically see.

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Word Count: 2841


Flowers were something pure and beautiful, something that had to fight to survive. How something so delicate yet captivating managed to bloom even in the harshest of environments was truly something to be admired. You had picked a large daisy from beside the road in Hammerhead before approaching the garage. As expected, Prompto followed the beautiful grease monkey, Cindy Aurum, around like a lost puppy.

“He loves me not,” you continued as you pulled yet another petal from the daisy. A small part of you felt bad for dismembering the small flower of its innocent white petals, but you thought it was better to take out your aggression on the small flower rather than to mope. “He loves me,” you sighed plucking the last petal. Prompto Argentum did not love you. Yet, you were helplessly in love with him and nothing you tried helped to erase him from your mind.

The sound of his breathy, free laughter caught your attention and you turned towards the garage. Prompto leaned against the hood of the Regalia as Cindy worked beneath the car. Something she said must have been funny because the blonde, Chocobo-loving man you loved tipped his head back in laughter.

Crushing the remains of the daisy in your hand, you turned and headed back towards Takka’s where you were supposed to meet the others for lunch. As you made your way, you bowed your head and sent up a whispered prayer to whatever Astral was willing to listen. “Please, help me to get over him. Help me to not love him,” you pulled at the roots of your hair for a moment. “Or just help him see,” you begged under your breath before sliding into the booth beside Gladio. When he asked where Prompto was, you forced a smile and told him that the sharpshooter was preoccupied and that the rest of you should order.

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you had me before
and you will have me again

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Happy Birth Season to one of my favorite blogs, please take this time to remember that you are beautiful lovely, and an amazing person and to all other Libra's out there, happy libra season Xoxo

Look at you, making me cry :’) thank you so much I love you and I appreciate this so much 😭💕

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good morning, maci!!! i just wanted to stop in and shine a little love on you. you're such an amazing writer that it blows my mind. i adore our thread already and we just started. also, you're so funny that it brings actual tears to my eyes. you're such an beautiful person and i'm so glad to call you my friend. and wow, your art? stunning! i hope you have an amazing day, love! xoxo

          this made me cry tbh and i’m just now answering it because i waited to get on my computer so crytyping wouldn’t get annihilated by autocorrect ( I’M JK ) but this is so sweet and nice and you mean A Lot to me. everybody else reading this, you guys make my whole day and i VERY much appreciate you being here and sticking with me even when all i post is memes and art and dumb. ;o;

Music of the Night (Part Six)

Hello Tomcats and Ladybugs! The last chapter! I hope you all liked this one! It wasn’t easy to write especially with the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ being one of my FAVORITE musicals of all time. Thank you for all the reblogs, likes, follows and comments. Only one more day till new year’s eve! vanilla107 xoxo

Dedicated to: thelastpilot for her amazing fanfiction that made me cry, laugh and squeal like a little girl.

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Marinette didn’t visit Adrien before the show. She was too caught up in the drama of one of the props going missing and the fact that he was Chat Noir. She found the missing prop when screaming was coming from Chloe’s dressing room.

“No! I must go on stage! It’s the final night! Let me go-!” The words were interuptted by a series of loud coughing. Everyone was crowded in front of Chloe’s door. Sabrina walked out with a frightened expression.

“She’s got bronchitis! She’ll never be able to reach the high notes and she can’t just start coughing when she needs to act!” Sabrina wailed. The whole cast froze. None of them really liked Chloe, but they didn’t have an understudy. Chloe insisted that she would be healthy during the show so that she wouldn’t need one.

The whole room erupted with panic.

“What are we going to do!”
“Chloe’s the only one who knows the part for Christine!”
“Will we have to cancel?”

“Everyone! Calm down! There’s no use in panicking about something that we can easily solve. We just need to find another Christine!” Ayla said confidently stepping forward. There were murmurs of uncertainty. “I know who can play the part!” exclaimed Adrien.

The crowd gathered around him. “Marinette.” he said. Marinette froze in shock and everyone stared at her. “I…I…” she stuttered nervously. Adrien took a step towards her and clasped her hand in his.

“Marinette, I know that you auditioned for Christine, I know you didn’t get the part because Chloe sabotaged your audition, I know that you know all of her lines as well as the songs because you were at all the rehersals even though you didn’t need to.” he whispered into her ear. Her eyes widened with surprise and he looked a her, pleading.

Marinette, please do this.“ All eyes were on her and Adrien. Marinette hesitated. She was still in shock from finding out he was Chat but the show needed to go on. “I…I’ll do it!” she said. The whole cast cheered with relief and Marinette was sent off to a dressing room.

She was dressed and had make-up on in less that 10 minutes. She hurriedly stepped on the stage and waited for the curtain to go up.


Marinette smiled as she and Adrien walked onto the stage for curtain call. The applause grew louder as the two walked on. Marinette smiled wider when she spotted her parents in the crowd. Roses were thrown into the stage as the curtain was slowly lowered.

Once they were all backstage, Marinette was in a tornado of hugs and compliments. Most of the hugs came from Ayla. “Marinette! I had no idea you could sing so well!” Rose squealed. “And your acting was amazing!” said a blushing Nathaneal ,who acted as Raoul. Marinette was just about to answer them when Chloe stormed in.

“So, Mariette managed to pull it off? *cough* Well that’s a miracle! *cough* considering that she had to take over from me! *cough*” Marinette glared at Chloe when her eyes wandered to two huge bouquets of roses sitting on one of the props tables. The one was a crimson red and the other was a pale pink.

Chloe spun around to see what Marinette was staring at. “Oh! They’re gorgeous! Probably for me!” Chloe said sashaying to the table. She picked up the card laying next to the red one and gasped.

“My Dearest Princess

I know that only leading ladies get bouquets like this but…you’re the leading Lady in my life.

Chat Noir

Chloe stared at Marinette with a new fury. ” HOW DID YOU GET CHAT NOIR’S ATTENTION?“ she coughed. "YOU’RE JUST A NOBODY!” Chloe screeched. Marinette felt anger wash over her and was about to say something when a warm hand touched her shoulder.

“Shut up, Chloe. Marinette is anything but a nobody. She’s kind, thoughtful and smart. I know that you sabotaged her audition.” he growled. There was a gasp from the cast.

“Adrikins…I don’t know that you’re talking about.” Chloe said quickly. “Don’t play dumb! You filled her water bottle with soda water, so that she got hiccups during her audition.” Mariette felt her heart squeeze with relief. “So, if anybody is a nobody around here…it’s you!”

Chloe turned bright red and she ran out of the room.

After all the props had been checked, Marinette walked to her dressing room to take off her costume. She wondered how she was going to talk to Chat that night. Just thinking about it made her bundle up with nerves. When she walked intoher heart stopped.

“C…Chat?” she whispered. He smiled his famous feline smile and swaggered to her. “Hello, Princess. I saw the play tonight.” Marinette swallowed. “Did you like it?” she asked. “Oh yes, very much. Although I liked tonights Christine better that the normal one.” he purred.

“You did?” Marinette felt her face go warm. “Yes, she sang better, acted better-” he paused and took another step forward until he was only a few centimeters apart from Marinette. “-She also kissed better too.”

“Chat!” Marinette squealed and he laughed. “I see you got my message.” he said looking at the crimson roses on the vanity. “Yes..they’re beautiful.” she said. “Who are the pink ones from?”

I don’t know…I haven’t checked.“ she said as she walked over to them and too out the card. It said:


You can’t understand the joy in my heart. I’ve found my Lady. And it’s you. The only thing I want to know is…will you be my Lady?


Marinette too one of the pink roses and clasped it in her hands. He was standing right behind her. "Yes.” she whispered.
Marinette spun around and kisses him. His one hand in her hip and the other cupping her cheek.

His lips were soft and cool against her warm ones. There was a flash of green and Marinette new that she was now kissing Adrien. She gripped onto his shirt and deepened the kiss.

They must’ve kissed for a long time because once they came up for air ,they noticed that the whole crew was staring at them from the door. “Well it’s about time!” yelled Alix and everyone laughed. “After party anyone?” Rose asked. There were murmurs of agreement and they all went back to packing up.

“So…what is the plan now?” asked Marinette still a little overwhelmed from the kiss. “Well, continue our normal lives and Ladybug and Chat Noir…only we’ll be together.” Adrien said softly curling a finger around one of her curls.

“I like that plan.”

Laugher echoed down the corridors, kisses were taken and hugs given at the theatre. And no one could’ve asked for a better night.

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I've been trying to find this fic forever. It's about how Phil woke up one day and did his obvious routine of 300 sit ups, and suddenly a hand (which ended up frankly acting like a second erection) grew out of Phil's body, and when Dan pulled the hand out, Phil died by giving birth to Harry styles. I think it was an angsty phanfiction, it made me cry loads. Plz help xoxo

Omg I think I read that once but it didn’t have many notes???  I can’t find it again though, anybody please help!!!

- Sam