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11 facts

okay so I was tagged by @didsomeonesayroyai, @jouissezduprintemps, @icameheretowinry and @haganenobeato to do 11 facts about me so I tried this think of interesting things but this was hard haha.  thanks for the tag you gems!

  1. I have my first dan black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and I think that will forever be the most exciting thing about me as a person (getting it was brutal omg the test was twelve hours overnight, you had to showcase everything you’d learned over the course of getting all other belts, break concrete and a bunch of boards, and then when you wanted to Die of Exhausted go for a run and clean the gym.  but 16 year old me killed it)
  2. I joke that I’m starting a degree collection as I’ll have two in June when I graduate (again), but ideally I’m going to have four when I’m done I’m trying to talk myself out of pursuing a masters in gender studies.  Which is why this is taking Forever
  3. I’ve lived in four different countries (though not ~super long term but I classify it as living since I wasn’t traveling or staying in hotels) and I went by myself each time.  I lived in Japan on a ~cultural exchange (I’m not sure what else to call it haha), Kenya as a volunteer, England to study abroad, and then of course North America which is where I currently reside.  I’ve got the travel bug haha my Papa used to call me wandering star
  4. I’ve worked at a window and door company since I was 18, on and off.  I started as reception and have kind of worked my way up through order entry to accounts receivable, but honestly I can do everything on the paperwork side of things because I’ve been here so long #freejess2k17
  5. I’m not really a ~sports person, but I do water ski and wakeboard, and I’ve tried pretty much everything else except for barefooting because that is just Hard
  6. I really like my smile
  7. I’ve been writing ever since I can remember, and I’d really like to get published one day.  I used to write stories when I was like, 6 and I’d act them out to my family.  I started posting on FFN when I was like, 10.  My most popular fic was one I wrote on a whim when I was 15, and supposedly reviewed by the author of the series HAHA.  It could very easily have been someone impersonating her, because she has a very distinct voice that would be easy to mimic but she did use the name of one of my characters in another series she did, so I like to think that it was her (and she was very complimentary) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. I’ve had more near death experiences than is probably normal for one person to have, but the most exciting is that I was almost mauled by a bear once and if that doesn’t say #Canada then I don’t know what does
  9. I’m also a very dramatic and over the top person HAHA there was this video going around a few years ago where this couple did a flash mob at their wedding and if I were to ever get married that would be 300% me (and that is a Lot of percent)
  10. Theatre has always been, and probably always will be a hobby of mine.  I really like performing!
  11. I have horrible eyesight, I’m almost legally blind in one eye, and I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 3, and contacts since I was 13

If you haven’t done this already and you’re reading this, I tag you!

Nina Dobrev Controversy

Hi all! We’ve recently been getting lots of controversy on the topic of using Nina Dobrev gifs. I’d like to say that yes we’ve heard your opinions and that we’ll try to use more of a variety of female gifs. But we also are still going to use Nina Dobrev gifs occasionally because there’s just so many gifs that go with the prompts like I said previously and some of you like her gifs. If you have a problem with it I’ll be tagging the Imagines with Nina gifs “Nina Dobrev gif” so you can skip them. Also, we are still very welcoming of you to submit your own gifs of different females and we’ll use them for the Imagines!

Xoxo Jess

Okay! I have to start setting up because I have family coming over tonight but just in case I am not on later I want to wish you a happy, healthy, fantastic, successful 2016. This is gonna be our year guys. Happy New Year!!!! Love you all! xoxo Jess

URL Change

Hey all! 

It’s OutlawQueenLuvr! 

I just changed my url to something that’s more fitting for me! 

I’m now belleoftheballpoint. 

And I’m super excited! Been wanting to do it for a while, and @someonethatiamnot encouraged me to change it today. 

It’s art, it’s writing, it’s whimsical. :D

I won’t change my icon (until after Christmas, then it’ll go back to Trina and her melons per usual), or my header. I don’t want to make the whiplash worse, lol. 

I tried to change all the links, but I’m sure I missed a few. 

I’ll send out friendly reminders about the url change for a while until we all get used to it (I’ll probably be the first one who forgets, lol). 

Mwah! XOXO, Jess Ann