Again - Eisuke Ichinomiya

So I’ve been trying to write the next chapter of Skin Deep and instead; a million and one other lust filled short ideas flow through my head. Here’s one of them - if anyone has requests for other guys, let me know xo

We walked out of the restaurant one behind the other in absolute silence - to the point that I was starting to believe that if nothing was said or even supposed that perhaps the night wouldn’t have to come to a sudden end. Goodbye’s were never my strong point.

The city street was lined with carefree teenage smiles and January festive colors of an anticipated new year. With a sharp snap of his fingers high above his head and eyes focused intently on the traffic which hummed in sync with my heart; a black cab pulled over in front of us. As if not to let his image of the perfect gentleman down for even a split second, Eisuke opened the door to usher me in, although I remained as still as first light at day. The dips of my palms and the back of my knees were sweating.

“When will you be back… in Tokyo?”

The question came out with an agitated pause and I was well aware that it didn’t need to be answered; Eisuke could have responded with a half smile as he always had which would mean more to me than hearing his voice speak words which I knew for a fact would be laced with cold, iridescent lies to ease the pain that again - he’d be leaving - but instead, with a croak in his voice which I only just paid attention to, he spoke.

“6 months”, he mumbled pulling me into a hug, “Maybe a year.”

The embrace was tight - the kind which anyone would consider friendly from afar yet with the way he held on; with the way his hands crept slowly across the sleeves of my coat and the way his breath lingered with a shallow exhale past my ear; cursing warm and sultry across my skin, just if only - I could tell he didn’t want to go. When we finally broke apart; out of necessity rather than anything else, Eisuke dropped his eyes to the ground and I held by breath unsure of how to retort.

Our relationship, if that’s what it could even be called at this stage was hot and cold. He’d text and say that he had to leave for business. I’d call back and hear his breathing a few times through the speaker before we’d both hang up and know it was for the best. We weren’t soul mates - but we were pretty damn close. He had asked years ago for me to keep my ring finger empty. That a time would come. I had done so - but sooner rather than later I figured that perhaps he only requested this because he liked the idea of me rather than actually me.

Biting my bottom lip and letting the flesh roll out slowly from between my teeth, I sighed and without thinking reached out for him. Hands grabbing at his jacket lapels to guide us closer; hands sliding up to rest atop of his shoulders as our lips met for what must have been the first and only time tonight. We kissed; gently at first, then it became needier, more urgent, faultless and non-apprehensive. His tongue slipped into my mouth after a restricted groan parted my lips; our breath tangling into an artistic knot of optimism. My breasts are flush against his chest - hips inching nearer; trying to touch as we come to the conclusion that perhaps a goodbye just yet isn’t required.

Stay the night”, Eisuke whispers, and with that I force myself to break away - the shut the cab door that’s been waiting for us and apologize with a lowered head to the driver that the fare he was expecting has been compromised. Hand in hand; we walk at each other’s steady pace to the hotel where everything began. It doesn’t take long to get there but an anxiousness paints invisibly across my body as we pace across the lobby and step into the lift. Without thinking my fingers begin to punch in the code of numbers that overrides the fact I no longer have a swipe access card. To my surprise; the code - my birthday - still works, it must yet not have been changed.

For a moment I think about the fact that I should be back at my apartment; getting ready to sleep for a new day that’s ahead of me in a job I’m not completely keen about yet definitely helps pay the bills. Eisuke had offered to take care of me yet without the thought even having time to register I declined the proposal. As soon as we make it into the penthouse - all the nights off; not a single other soul to exist in the world bare the two of us the kissing starts again. His mouth is fixated on mine; his hands weave through the once perfect waves of my hair and as if time stops, I can hear the click of his jaw as we become needier; a little more transparent with our expectations of how tonight is going to unfold.

“I need you..”

His hands falling to the back of my thighs and mine snaking around his neck to link together where I can’t see them, a murmured ‘jump’ grabs my attention and I do ask asked; not letting the kiss break though as I’m carried to the bedroom. Nipping at his jaw, his ear, his lips - eyes closed and the shadows of  the stars glowing against my lids, I feel Eisuke drop me onto the familiar bed and crawl above me; his body caging me against the cold sheets which flirt with my legs - the only bare part of me.

The tightening restricted within his trousers presses against the inside of my thigh and desperately I pant for air whilst not wanting to break the kiss. Hands free to claw at his chest; comb through his hair and delicately outline his face from temples to chin I manage to control myself just enough to breakaway and let our bodies remain close to one another’s in the darkness. Eisuke’s lips find the hollow of my neck and after groping over the fabric of my chest - a dress which I can tell, near certainly isn’t going to stay on much longer he says in an almost growled tone that I 'feel so good’. Chuckling, I stop him with a finger pressed to his lips and the action forces his eyes to gaze straight into mine.

“How long’s it been?”, he asks taking the tip of my finger into this mouth and bites down on it gently before letting go to run his tongue against his teeth. I know he’s not asking how long it’s been since we’ve seen one another; Eisuke’s too sharp for that kind of worry. Getting comfortable against the bed; adjusting the pillow that’s behind my head and dropping my eyes down to gaze at his features I let out a small sigh.

If you took out of the equation he guy I met last summer in a bar my friends had dragged me to and the 15 minutes of indecorous scuffling we’d gotten up to in the alley way beside the emergency exit.. “A while”, I whisper, nodding as I agree with myself. He chuckles as he feels my hands dance down his chest and start to unbuckle his belt. I ease the dark material away from his hips and push it down as far as I can reach; leaving it almost restrictive to hold the middle of this thighs as my hands sweep over his cock; palm greeting him as we shift on the bed so that I can rid him of the last of his constraints.

Tongue swiping straight up the underside of his length and hearing a groan tainted with approval sound from his lips, I taste the saltiness of his precum as I kiss his tip and roll my lips over the swollen head - cheeks hollow, head moving as far down as manageable - eyes still focused on him. Another growl whistled past his clenched teeth and before I know it - we’re in a frantic race to rid ourselves of clothing whilst not wasting the moment. Slipping out of a dress and kicking off heels is harder than one would think with a cock hitting the back of their throat and splitting their lips.

Pulling me up the bed and on top of him; there’s a quick shuffle as Eisuke unclasps the back of my bra, sliding the straps gently off my shoulders and flings the grey material across the other side of the room. My underwear comes off in a similar fashion - this time though his buried his face into the crook of my neck; lips having decided on a inch of skin they like and sucking hard; nipping and teasing with a gust of warm breath just below my earlobe that he knows will send me over the edge. I hear my underwear hit the light on the bedside table and cause it to fall off; hit the floor and smash into a thousand tiny pieces yet either of us stop. The mishap just adds to the disparity of the moment - we’re desperate for intimacy.

Spreading my legs just a little further as he gets comfortable between them; I’ll pulled up by the hair into a sizzling kiss as I feel his hard on slip across my slit and slide in - a mouse like gasp escape from me as my body tenses around him; fingernails digging deep into his bare back and scrape down his back leaving marks red and raw like Christmas day. My thighs clamp around him and my arms are pinned high above my head as Eisuke thrusts into me just once - there’s a pause; a chance for my body to remember what it should be use too.

He’s breathless.
There’s a thin coat of sweat across his cheeks.
He seems unsure.
I roll my hips, bucking them up off the bed against his own and that’s enough to encourage him on.

Eisuke quickens up the pace and in a giggle I tell him that tonight isn’t about breaking a world record. He allows a hand to drop down between us and a finger to rub furiously at my clit and my head is thrown back against the bed with eyes closed at the contact. Pulling out; I feel disheartened until his body shifts down the bed - lips finding my core and his tongue laps up the wetness between my legs; plunging straight into me.

I murmur his name over and over and over again as if under some kind of spell as his arms wrap around my thighs and the pace becomes quicker, faster, intense. Swivelling my hips against the bed and having his head follow, I grasp at the sheets; pulling them up off the bed and place a knuckle between my teeth to stop myself from becoming louder than I already have been. There’s no use for it - but it reminds me of nights we’d spend together in almost secret - before everyone knew about our relationship; before we broke up and got back together again; the circle never ending like some kind of vicious cycle.

Reaching out to open the top draw of a bedside table and pull out a condom, Eisuke makes a joke about how he’s glad these are sold in singles and rips the foil open with the aid of his teeth; the expression on my face shifting from jealousy to relief as he slips back inside of me. This time there’s an added feeling of friction - I gasp again for air and shut my eyes; hands finding their own way to his back, travelling down it fast and smooth before grabbing at his ass, Eisuke nips at my shoulder forcing my hands to fly up and rest at the back of his head.

Each thrust is overpowering; enticing - exactly what I’ve craved and needed. Heart racing; and no words said apart from the odd exaggerated gasp and taunted moan, Eisuke manages to whisper just as I’m feeling myself tighten around him a hushed 'I missed you’ and it’s enough to make me want to throw myself over the edge. The last few bucks of his hips are strong yet finish with a lazy defeat. He tries to balance himself above me but with the gentle coaxing of fingertips I manage to have him drop down against me - he’s a heavy weight but it’s nothing my body can’t handle right now.

A smile finds its way to his lips and soon enough he’s chuckling into the crook of my neck. I can feel that his heart is racing. Hands stroking his hair and comfortably resting against his body, I’m surprised by what Eisuke says next.

“I’m glad something’s never change.”

The words are genuine.

“I don’t want you to leave.”

My honesty halts for a split second before escaping causing a worried swallow down my throat.

“Come with me”, he pants and I’m unsure whether or not the suggestion is legitimate or purely heat of the moment until Eisuke speaks up again, “….and this time, I promise - I’ll never let you go.”