xotic effects

@postrockbdsmaniac messaged me this image and asked for me to name what I could. This is apparently what Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles is running at the moment. 

Starting at the top left he has the Bogner Wessex and Burnley drives, which are mad dope from what I hear. Really want to try them. 

I can’t tell what the DIY thing next to them are. I feel like it is blending two of the signals from the delay into a mono signal? Maybe. It’s a little hard to see but it appears to have two outs of the Head Rush going into it with a single output. Hmm. 

The Nemesis Delay from Source Audio is cool. 

Then he has the Micro Amp and under that looks like some kind of Mooer or something. The little green guy is an Outlaw Effects Vigilante Chorus. If I remember correctly the Zvex one next to that is a Fuzz Factory. 

Then he has his Stereo Jamman, Headrush, Flint, Dig, a little Keeley Looper, an Xotic AC Booster, and a Dunlop Volume. Off the board you can see a little Polytune and a Digitech Drop. 

Above that stuff on the top right he has something by Abominable Electronics. Looks like it’s in a spot to replace his old Fuzz War, so I’m assuming something like that. Not 100%. After that he has the EVH Phase 90. And that Lehle switch kicked off at the bottom. 
Cool board. Dank memes. Thanks for sharing. I’mma go listen to some Russian Circles now. :D