xolo mariduena


Ten Shows, Ten Cute Casts; Parenthood [3/10]
lauren graham, erika christensen, mae whitman, sarah ramos, miles heizer, peter krause, dax shepard, monica potter, sam jaeger, savannah paige rae, max burkholder, joy bryant, bonnie bedelia, craig t. nelson, tyree brown, xolo mariduena.


“You are an attractive, intelligent, confident businesswoman.”

[ ugly betty remake ] ➼ requested by anonymous

dascha polanco as betty suarez | jussie smollett as daniel meade

lynn whitfield as wilhelmina slater

dylan marron as marc st. james | brenda song as amanda tanen

juan fernádez as ignacio suarez | jackie cruz as hilda suarez | xolo mariduena as justin suarez

laverne cox as alexis meade | phylicia rashad as claire meade


“Over, under, or through,” Edilio said. “There’s got to be a way.”

“Kind of like when your folks came over the border from Mexico, huh?” Quinn said. 

Sam and Astrid both aimed shocked looks at Quinn. 

Edilio stood even straighter and, despite being six inches shorter than Quinn, seemed to be looking down at him. In a calm, quiet voice Edilio said, “Honduras is where my folks come from. They had to come all the way through Mexico before they even reached the border. My mom works as a maid. My father is a farmhand. We live in a trailer and drive an old beatee. I still have a little accent because I learned Spanish before I learned English. Anything else you need to know, man?”

Happy birthday Edilio (24.08.1994)!


THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST The Allens and Ognats: requested by anonymous

Ramin Karimloo as Don Allen
Marjan Neshat
as Dawn Allen
Melissa Fumero
as Meloni Thawne
Freema Agyeman
as Jeven Ognats
Xolo Mariduena
as Bart Allen
Yara Shahidi as Jenni Ognats

Note: This is a continuation of these previous graphics and is not related to the CW show. This is part of a separate continuity that was established before casting for the show was announced.


GONE FANCAST: #ActualFifteenAndUnderEdition

ulrik munther as sam temple // camren bicondova as astrid ellison // booboo stewart as quinn gaither // xolo mariduena as edilio escobar // mekhai allan andersen as little pete // devery jacobs as lana arwen lazar // dylan sprayberry as caine sorensen // sofia richie as diana ladris // lucky blue smith as drake merwin // yara shahidi as dahra baidoo // noah gray cabey as albert hillsborough // annalise basso as mary terrafino // avalon robbins as brianna “the breeze” // kim dani as taylor // reiya downs as dekka talent // ryan lee as computer jack // jacob latimore as howard bassem // riley griffiths/the thing as charles “orc” merriman // kodi smit-mcphee as “bug” //  brandon soo hoo as duck zhang // nash aguas as hunter // jimmy bennett as zil sperry // peyton meyer as lance //  devyn nekoda as penny // rowan blanchard as orsay pettijohn // kara hayward as sinder // max burkholder as toto

BOOFRP DOES A MASTERLIST OF;; Children FC's with GIF hunts

This masterlist was requested by a lovely Anon. In order to do this masterlist, I took to Google and found the gem that is child-actor-gifs. And with that, I was able to do a masterlist of child FC’s with their ages, GIF hunts and what hair and eye colour they have. Also, this masterlist is in alphabetical order, so i hope that helps. Under the cut are 290 different children FC’s, sorted between boys and girls. Like/Reblog if this helps! 

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THE FLASH SPINOFF FANCAST Speedster Cousins: requested by  faeriviera, wwests, and anonymous 

Xolo Mariduena as Bart Allen/Impulse/Kid Flash II 
Yara Shahidi as Jenni Ognats/XS

Note: This photoset is an accompaniment to this and this. It is not meant to be related to the CW show and is part of a separate continuity. I promised that I would cast POC for all of Barry Allen’s descendants because I didn’t want Jenni to be a token minority like she was in the comics and apologies to the requesters for taking so long.