xo till we over dose

Tears of Joy

Saturday was just amazing. Seeing my two loves, Drake & Abel just made my whole year fo'sho. I love music in general but theirs is just at a different level for me. No one will ever understand how much it means to me. Seeing The Weeknd was already an amazing opportunity but seeing Drake just was the icing on top!! I love them both so much & I’m proud to call myself a true Drake & Abel fan since the almost beginning of their music careers. To own pretty much all, if not all, of their songs. To know the lyrics & sing along with my ugly voice lol.

Saturday was nothing but a fun & amazing day that I will never forget. It was for an hour but that truly made me forget of all the bad, drama, struggles, sadness of these past months & especially that past week. I didn’t think or worry about anything except that OVO & XO. Rushing, busing, walking, waiting, holding. standing for all those hours with Mel, for The Weeknd & Drake was 100% worth it. Best day ever.

Next goal: Seeing Rita & Frank Ocean in concert!