xo manowar


Aric of Dacia, a Visigoth warrior raised in the era of sword and shield.

Charismatic, brash, and strong, he fought the Roman legions so that he might win his nomadic people a land of their own. But he was taken, abducted by an insidious race of star-spanning creatures known as the Vine. They made Aric a slave.

Unwuilling–unable–to be cowed, he fought his way to the Vine’s most sacred artifact: the sentient Shanhara armor. The armor bonded with him–and he used it to exact revenge on the creatures who once dared to call themselves his masters.

Having won his freedom, Aric returned home to be a king, and finally claim a new Visigoth homeland. But sixteen hundred years had passed during his absence. Everything he ever knew or loved was extinct.

But in time, he took on a new purpose. No longer warrior or slave or king, now he is a hero. Earth is his homeland, humanity his people. He is…


It’s official: Valiant is hitting the silver screen

valiantentertainment has partnered up with DMG Entertainment, the latter investing a cool chunk of change (reports estimate up to nine figures!) to develop the publisher’s properties into TV, movies and more for the American and Chinese markets. Events and merchandise also aren’t out of the question. DMG co-produced Iron Man 3, so the company already has some experience with the superhero game.

This is great news for us as fans, since it means Valiant’s colorful cast of characters will soon be appreciated by a much wider audience. Bloodshoot for everybody!


It’s time for the latest episode of Beyond the Longbox!

This time we pay a visit to Valiant Entertainment and discuss their long history.

As always, the soundtrack is by milonogiannis.