This post is mainly for me. I have been struggling with restriction for a good two months now and I need to say my peace. When I don’t eat, I begin to feel empowered and sexy. But I also feel drained, weak and lethargic. Today I ate.. Because guess what? My body fucking needed it. No binge/purge. I honestly ate a lot and even feeling bloated I know that my body deserve more love, nutrition and acceptance. I am going to try my best to stop restricting because it only hurts me mentally and physically. This is me after eating 3 meals 2 days straight. I could give a fuck if I gain some weight back. I am beautiful and deserve to be healthy and happy.

The final two lines — ah, the final two lines. This is love.

Summer Kitchen

(Donald Hall)

In June’s high light she stood at the sink
With a glass of wine,
And listened for the bobolink,
And crushed garlic in late sunshine.

I watched her cooking, from my chair.
She pressed her lips
Together, reached for kitchenware,
And tasted sauce from her fingertips.

“It’s ready now. Come on,” she said.
“You light the candle.”
We ate, and talked, and went to bed,
And slept. It was a miracle.