a very neccessary taehyung rant

[you guys i’m about to get really pissed, salty and aggressive right now]

so you guys know taehyung…often described as the member that’s


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stage-presence king

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is this right?


(i mean ofc he’s gorgeous a bitch is not blind but-)

listen here taehyung isn’t just there to be cute and we need to acknowledge him as a performer in general not just as ‘tae-oppa is my husband!!1’ or ‘lol he’s so random xD’ cause he is more than that.

i feel like it would take some armys too long to think of anything good to say about taehyung that doesn’t have to do with the way he acts/his appearance and that makes me sad. like actually think about it yourself and be honest with yourself.

now about his talentTM~

i’m sure even the fake stans that linger in this fandom have at least heard stigma, so you must know the guy’s got pipes (tae’s voice wasn’t my cup of tea at first cause i normally have a preference for higher-pitched vocals but that was until i heard stigma and the covers) 

anyway why do people barely talk about it? like he had to hit that high note in stigma for people to start acknowledging his vocal range. also let’s talk about how there are barely any bts songs suited for his baritone vocal. um why did that one commercial suit his voice better than any of their songs?

[although he really did shine in ‘her’ i’m so proud!!]

his voice is not only amazing but it’s so soothing i mean 4 o’clock, i listened to that song on repeat while studying for exams, also i’ve no idea what he sings about in ‘hug me’ but i lip-sync very passionately to his cover and ‘even if i die’.

some of you guys might argue that at least he gets more lines than jin, but honestly half the time it’s cause he’s the only one that can go as low as they need or like ten seconds of growling and growling is not a line. for example jin may not have gotten lines in not today, but what tae had wasn’t lines fight me 

[no trying to argue that jin doesn’t have it worse than tae when it comes to lines]

i want people to discuss and elaborate on his vocals more the way they do with jimin/jk (same for jin ofc) which is why i’m very thankful for this video existing. 

now he’s not only only an underrated singer but also an underrated dancer (i still dky he isn’t in dance line? like top ten mysteries scientists still can’t answer) anyway i never and i mean never see posts about his dancing,

 literally just searched ‘taehyung dance’ to find a gif as an example 

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but nooo

all i find is gifs of taehyung hip thrusting/grinding on stage, taekook fans losing their shit over their part in dna or posts about other members’ dancing

i mean why would there be taehyung dancing? in the taehyung dance tag?? in this economy??? that’s just insane!!

hell i can’t even find youtube videos of him dancing, they’re all funny videos or him being ‘disrespectful!1!’ i’m really getting pissed off let’s move on

[like literally though the boy can dance i need u in heels wtf]

taehyung gets hate too

just cause he’s a popular member doesn’t mean he doesn’t have haters. not to bring this back but he struggles when it comes to hitting the high note in stigma, which is totally understandable. i mean he’s probably so exhausted from previous performances and then he has to hit that note? he’ll obviously strain, like i’m not one of those people that just defends everything bts does

but the hate

the overlooked hate

armys themselves defending the hate

honey i literally run a blog dedicated to armys sharing their unpopular/negative bts opinions, i know very well that not everything armys have to say about the boys is going to be good. but this isn’t just criticism. “it just hurts my ears” smh

sympathize with your “bias”, the fact that this is/wasn’t just a high note that can be hit like that for tae and yk what? he bit off more than he could chew. but we know he can hit the note. he didn’t make the song for the sole purpose of performing it live, he did it for the album and maybe for himself, and i’m sure as hell glad he did cause it is one of my favourite songs.

mind you those are just comments from one video, about one thing. there’s more i’m not going to get into right now.

[ofc there’s also hate from the armys who claim he interferes with ships (as if that’s a valid reason to hate him) but let’s not get into ships right now :)))]

so is he an underrated member? debatable.

i don’t think anyone wants to say it, but the reality of the matter is the reason why he has a lot of fans is probably cause people fall in love with his personality (if not his visuals). it’s not a good thing. he is underrated in certain aspects and not at all in others.

ok i’m concluding this cause it’s getting too long but as you guys can tell i uh…have a lot of thoughts…

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i don’t want him to end up keeping up this “weird” thing, cause it’s his branding.

let’s remember that he is not just taehyung but also V. let’s defend him against haters not become them, if you are tae biased you are tae biased through the highs and lows and you will stick with him through the bullshit, not drop him when he screws up. let’s recognize him as an artist. and for god’s sake let’s put him before the damn ships/ship wars.

i will now end this with some gifs of taehyung being a pure cutie x

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nothing but respect for my (other) golden maknae. (before you come at me)

(might make a part 2 i have so many things in mind)



How you met  x

When he catches you filming (imagine)  x

First date  x

After a shitty day (nsfw)  x

Still the same  x  part 2  x

Dad Joji headcanons  x

make it up to you  x

not so secret anymore  x

heartbeat  x

can he come out and play? (nsfw)  x    part deux  x

addict  x


Imagine Joji getting jealous after seeing you dancing with someone else  x

worthwhile  x

trip  x

awkward  x

still beautiful  x

Princess  x

Birthday boy  x

stressful  x

nothing to be afraid of  x

in the bathtub  x

you suck, charlie   x

road to forgiveness  x

nothing to worry about  x

hook-AH  x

Jealous  x

need a hand?  x

insecurity  x

ruff  x

jelly  x

shocking   x

moonlight  x

soon  x

your voice   x

bad day  x


How you met  x

Reaching for you in bed while sleeping (imagine)  x

His face as he’s watching you open a present (imagine)  x

A different kind of day (nsfw)  x

About us..  x

Headcanons daddubbbz  x

Ooops (nsfw)  x

do you?  x

boring (nsfw) x

after party (nsfw) x

shopping insanity  x

out  x

Headcanons domestic life  x

am I allowed?  x

afraid  x

changes  x

mine  x

tension  x


How you met  x

Sweet treat  x

Her hero  x

Green-eyed monster  x

the librarian  x    the (naughty) librarian  x

I knew it all along  x

why doesn’t life have a reset button?  x

forever and ever  x

the fool that I am  x

Drama Queen  x

worth it  x


Phone sex headcanons (nsfw)  x

Kinks (nsfw)   x

How would they react to you being a great dancer  x

Buying lingerie  x

Stay awhile  x

Strip poker  x

Does it matter?  x

isolated  x   a smaller god (part 2)  x

entangled  x

If they were dog breeds  x

Imagine meeting the Filthy Frank cast  x

How would they react to you being really good with babies  x

How would they react to you being an actress  x

How would they react to you being on your period  x

How would they react to you feeling very sad  x

How would they react to seeing you naked  x

How would they react to meeting you, their YouTube crush at a convention  x

How would they react when jealous  x

How would they react to you accidentally falling asleep on them  x

How would they react to you, their daughter, cutting yourself and sobbing  x

How would they react to you being into paranormal stuff  x

How would they react to you seeing them masturbating  x

How would they react to seeing you masturbating  x

How would they react to you giving them the silent treatment  x

How would they react to you being flexible  x

How would they act while crushing on a girl  x

How would they react to you having a lover but they’re so in love with you  x

How would they react to seeing you in lingerie on Christmas  x

How would they react to you getting medication for depression  x

How would they react to you giving them a lap dance  x

How would they react to your daddy kink  x

How would they react to saying something mean to you  x

How would they react to you sexting them/ sending nudes  x

How would they react to you NEVER wanting kids  x

How would they react to you, their old crush, telling them that you liked them  x

How would they react to you getting turned on by shock collars  x

How would they react to you saying you hate them   x

How would they react to you being a virgin  x

How woul they react to you being a porn star  x

Preferences in having a girlfriend that rarely drinks/smokes/gets high  x

Preferences: they surprise you with a pet  x

Preferences: spending Christmas with them  x

Preferences in spending a gloomy Sunday together  x 

Preferences: you being ‘ugly’  x

Preferences: road head  x


Being Chad’s sister and Ian’s girlfriend  x

Chad x reader  x

Akira (Joji Miller imagine)  x


Dating Julian  x

Headcanons: having a little kid with Julian  x

Dating Chad  x

just as planned (Chad)  x

The Value of Patience

It starts with a comment on one of his videos.

He finishes replying to someone who’d made one of his pies and loved it, leaving a comment about how it tastes best with fresh Georgia peaches. There is a sharp pang in his stomach, thinking of how the oven at his parent’s house always burned the pie crust just a little right toward the top and how Coach always insisted on having that slice. He doesn’t get homesick often, but he feels it right then, so sharply he has to take a few shallow breaths through it.

By the time he moves on to the next comment, he feels a little frayed around the edges. He reads the comment once, blinks, reads it again. That pain is his stomach is back, but it hurts more this time.

Loved the update!! Will we ever see Jack’s gf in a vid? I bet they’re soooo cute together!

Bitty swallows twice. He rubs his index finger against his thumb and taps his foot against the thin carpet under his desk. The cursor flashes at him, waiting for his reply. He stares at it until his eyes blur so much he can’t see it move any more.

His chair rocks slightly as he stands up and slowly walks over to his bed. The covers whisper as he pulls them back; the room lit only by the screen of his computer.

Bitty doesn’t want to see that screen anymore, doesn’t even want to think about it, so he pulls the soft, worn cotton of his comforter above his head.

In the little cocoon he’s made for himself, he does not sleep.

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Okay, here’s what I gathered so far (or think I understood from things):

-The Musical is 2 hours and 45 minutes long in total.
-They sing (and dance) during the tennis scene. That’s like the only scene anyone is talking about, I swear. Everyone’s wondering if they suddenly changed musicals and are seeing the Prince of Tennis one.
-It is not a happy end, apparently. (Duh?)
-There’s 14 or 17 songs in total, not sure which is correct.
-The musical starts with a countdown from 40 being shown on the stage.

Helpful-ish (Japanese) reviews I found aka sources: x x

Nothing about the ending whatsoever, other than that one blogger found it disappointing. There’s a lot of talk about Rem but I’m not sure what this means. I’ll keep looking all through tonight, maybe more will turn up?

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this may be shuffled a little bit but it’s close enough

okay so earlier today blurryface tweeted a picture that I know that it’s hard sometimes and it had missing letters that spelled ride x

he tweeted another picture that said I’m takin my time x

blurryface tweeted a picutre that said meaning in the pattern and on the side time in a rearranged pattern (the white lines and red square weren’t originally on there) x

on periscope blurryface went live and there was some audio about an airport in new york and some weird unknown language. there was also a cd that said 21 pilots blurryface and something else that was unreadable. there was also something shown that was uploading at 48% x x x

blurryface tweeted in russian that translated to drip drip x

blurryface tweeted again and it said now you can find it go find it x

sometime along here tyler tweeted a picture of josh on a bus at an airport x

blurryface favorited this tweet about ride x

after that he unfavorited that tweet, deleted all his tweets and turned everything black (profile picture, header) x

nothing really official has happened since then

there are a few theories about it being a physical copy somewhere x x


The scent of a stranger was in the brush. Naturally this sparked the curiosity of a beast who not many would want to meet. In the first and from a gap in the bushes he peers out and licks his eyes on this individual

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