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1- If today was your last day, what would you do?
Kamy: Stay with my family and pets
Andrea: Err, maybe eat a lot and… oh yes, make a funeral-in-life.

2- Frankenstein or Dracula?
K:  Frankestein, forever.
A: Both!

3- Do you like boys, girls or both?
K: Boys.
A: Fictional characters.

4- Who’s the more special person in your life?
K: Mom, dad and my 3 brothers.
A: My best friend.

5- If you could date with anyone in the world, who would be?
K: The husband of my best friend :DDD
A: Doctor Who, definitely. But Moriarty… or do you mean real people?
 this guy.

6- Tv or book?
K: Book… but football…
A: (^lieee) Books of course.


7- Who’s your favorite writer?
K: Don’t have one, just love read any book.
A: (^boring) Julio Cortázar. <3

8- What makes you love someone?
K: Faithful, funny… idk
A: Humor, intelligence, orthography, hair, taste in music…

9- What do you prefer, live without food or without internet?
K: Without internet.
A: Same.                


10- What’s your favorite animal?
K: Dog, guinea pig… and horse :D
A: Spiders and pugs.

11- Who’s your favorite singer?
K: Gerard Way and Frank Iero
A: Jared Leto (from A Beautiful Lie), Brendon Urie, Matt Bellamy, Freddie Mercury, Austin Carlile… my babes.


I was tagged by gerardmotherfuckingway thanks also HI we’ve never talked but I love ur blog c:

Rule 1: always post the rules
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1. Have u ever dyed ur hair? What color?
I’ve dyed ( the tips) red, green, blue and fucsia, I’ve dyed just my right side purple and its currently turquoise :)  
2. what is the nicest thing anyones ever said to you?
“if we were in a zombie apocalypse & u tried to eat me I would let u” hahaha not really but it made me laugh and said awww
3. what is your favorite album?
Dude this is hard but I think TCFSR really changed my life so it’s very important
4. what was the last movie you watched?
Yesterday I watched Shrek forever lol
5. are you a sherlockian? have you watched the new episode?
No I’m not
6. if you could have one wish (that wasnt to get more wishes or anything like that), what would it be?
Idk I wish I could be truly happy without depending on someonelse
7. who is your closest internet friend?
Mmm i’m gonna go with Victoria, we’re not the closest friends but she’s one of my favorites persons on this website and she’s the one who I talk the most
8. what fandom were you primarily in when you joined tumblr?
I’ve always been a Potterhead :)
9. what is the last book you finished?
The fault in our stars 
10. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Idk maybe I changed the fact that I’m reaaaaally insecure 
11. what day is your next birthday on? like saturday, thursday, what?
Next Wednesday (15)!!!

My questions
1. Do u have any pets? What are their names?
2. What was the last concert u been at?
3. If u could have any superpower what would it be?
4. What is ur favorite tv show and/or movie?
5. Who’s ur all time favorite actor and/or actress?
6. Do u keep any of ur toys or stuff u used to play with as a kid?
7. If u could spent a whole day with anyone dead or alive who would it be?
8. Who’s ur favorite person in the world?
9. Did u have imaginay friends as a kid?
10. What’s ur favorite thing to do on ur spare time (beside tumblr)?
11. Any new years resolution?