Hair - X

The glasses are by @synthsims​ but I edited them to fit on that hair, you can still get the normal glasses that go over the eyes here though - X

Facepaint - X

Nails - X

The ombre pink/blonde hair is a wip, along with the hair clip

Choker - X

Shirt - X

Shorts - X

Panic! at the disco demos/unreleased tracks/bonus tracks
  • All The Boys x
  • Bittersweet x
  • Behind the sea x
  • Northern downpour x
  • Come on x
  • Cant fight against the youth x
  • Do you know what I’m seeing x
  • I Wanna Be Free
  • It’s Almost Halloween x
  • It’s True Love x 
  • Kaleidoscope Eyes x
  • Lullaby x
  • Mercenary x
  • Oh Glory x
  • Stall Me x
  • She had the world x
  • Turn Off the Lights x
  • The piano knows something i don’t know x
  • New Perspective x
  • cabin album snippets x
  • Boys will be Boys x
  • Time to Dance x
  • Camisido x
  • Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks x
  • Nearly Witches x
  • Bad Apple/Miss Jackson x
  • Feel free to add any that i missed!!