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sandygast  asked:

A silly question, but what engine do you use? How did you achieve that lighting effect?

I built my own engine upon the Monogame framework (formally XNA, but I’ve since ported over). The lighting is fairly simple:

First I draw all Lights additively on the screen on a black background to a RenderTarget as gradated white circles that are tinted to the color of the light.

Then I convert the RGB to HSV and posterize just the value to have the tiered darkness effect, while still maintaining smooth color blending. Finally I do some Tonemapping (you have to use HDR) which unfortunately washes out the colors, but ensures that colors adding up beyond (255,255,255) are actually displayed correctly (this is a bit too lengthy to fully explain here).

Finally I draw this texture over the game using multiply blend mode.

That’s it! It might be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you learn shader basics, some terminology, and google some stuff it’s really pretty simple. @sstrandberg helped me out a bunch with it.


Hey folks!

We’ve been busy and kinda forgot to update the blog. Here’s what we’re up to:

Pixel-boy and Bilou are working on Samurai Monkeys, our first mobile game built with Superpowers. (GIF above)

Elisée has been working on wrapping up CraftStudio. He completely revamped the Mac and Linux ports to use FNA with MonoKickstart instead of MonoGame with Mono. The Windows version also uses FNA instead of XNA now. What does this mean?

  1. On Mac and Linux, you won’t need to install Mono anymore, nor will the people playing your games!
  2. Many bugs have been fixed in the process and the Mac and Linux versions are going to be a lot more robust.
  3. On Windows, neither you nor your players will have to install the XNA Framework Redistributable.

Yay, no more dependencies! All of this has been a lot of work but it’s coming together.

Over the next 10 days we’ll be focusing on getting some Superpowers features ready in time for the Global Game Jam (January 24-25), so that we can make our first 3D game with it!

We’ll be jamming with @FlorentPoujol, @ThomasFrick, @3DReMix and others in Strasbourg. Can’t wait!

Talk to you soon!