HWTR to doing something outdoorsy x

HWTR to hurting you x

HWTR to having a Hispanic/Latina girlfriend x

HWTR to Having A Spa Day x

HWTR to someone flirting with you x

HWTR to you being really good at playing piano x

HWTR to you saying something bold in a video x


“I hate you” x

Joji smut x

Car Sex x

Arguing with reader x

Period x

Bad Dream x

Mine x

Movie Night x

“She’s Mine” song preference x

“Hope you enjoyed the show.” x

“It’s Kinda Distracting…” x

Getting High x


Accidental x


Blurb #25- Joji x

Blurb #29- Max x

Blurb #34- Joji x

Blurb #36- Joji x

Blurb #28- Ian x

Masterlist (Teen Wolf)

Void Stiles:

Turning Point x


Salvation x

Saviour Part 1 x   Saviour Part 2 x

The silent treatment x

Reckless x

Party Pooper x

Heavy Rain x

First Aid x

A Ridiculous Secret x

Movie Night x

Nightmares x

Trustworthy x    Trustworthy Part 2 x

New Chapter x


Heavy Date x

Beloved Friends x

Russian Roulette x

Meeting at the locker room x

Playing Games x

How to not build a bed x

Homecoming Part 1 x   Homecoming Part 2 x  Homecoming Part 3 x

A watch gone wrong x

Power Blackout x

Broken x

The Call x

Heroes Die x

The New Version x

Scream x

Astray Part 1 x  Astray Part 2 x

Under the Weather x

Riddles x

New Chapter x

Little Game of Hearts Part 2 x


Hangover x

The College Difficulty x

Indignation x

Sunshine x

Per Chance x

The Bond x

If You Ever Want To Be In Love x

You Before Me x


A Piece of Cake x

Best Friend Complication x

Bulletproof x

Mr. Mischief x

Faking It x

Three little words x

Heavenly Distraction x


The Little Game of Hearts Part 1 x Little Game of Hearts Part 2 x


Scars x



Birthday Gift x

Pardon me x

Heat Wave x


Friends with Benefits Part 1 x   Friends with Benefits Part 2 x

Bonding x

Let me be your Wonder Woman


Out of reality x


Fun Park x


Transformation x


Happy Halloween everybody! >:D

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This is a part of an upcoming collab video with OnlyOneKing_12. ;)
SONG: I Know I’m a Wolf
ARTIST: Courbe
PROGRAMS USED: After Effects, Photoshop & Final Cut Pro X
MOVIES USED: Tangled, Frozen, How To Train Your Dragon II, A Monster In Paris, Rise of The Guardians, Epic, Brave
BLOOD EFFECT: DC Stock Footage

X-Men: Apocalypse is pretty good actually, I mean it has it’s flaws, but it’s really good, the new(ish) characters are great, but the best part is

Jean Grey

I absolutely loved her in this movie with the other young xkids. She kicked ass and pretty much saved the day, and I hope there’s more of her in the future, and that they handle the Phoenix Force in the right way this time.