archivedstarkasmic asked:

yaya is beautiful and omg bone structure also did you like Halle Berry at all as Storm/ did you like the writing for her?

im so iffy on this question ngl

first and foremost, the writing was BAD. we’ll get that clear rn. it was terrible. not in general, not all of the movies are that bad, but it is clear that singer is just not good at developing teams. logan and charles’s development was….ok i guess. but everyone else was lacking in character, personality, anything that made them spectacular or stand out. they completely fucked up jean. so it wasn’t just the writing for her per say, it’s the writing for everyone except logan, charles and erik.

(this applies to first class too, no matter how much tumblr dick rides that one. it wasnt that good.)

with a better script, i think halle berry would’ve done a nice job………

however, she just doesn’t have the look. like, halle berry being storm is the same as everyone on here casting idris elba as the Black guy for everything. halle berry was a popular actress at the time, i get it. and hey, at least she’s black right!!!…..wrong

like, i love halle, i really do. she’s gorgeous but she just doesn’t look like ororo. ororo is supposed to be dark. she literally spent her whole life roaming africa, spending much of that time on hot ass deserts in the blazing hot sun. like, i understand. it was 2000, having a dark skinned black girl in an action film was unheard of–largely still is (which is why i am so hype about lupita being cast in star wars!!!!)–but it still would have been nice to see one. especially considering the fact that halle berry is basically the most famous black actress in the game rn–i want the world to see that black girls come in all shades, shapes, and sizes.

Le "com shot" version vintage

Imaginez-vous dans cette petite salle de cinéma de Pigalle aux sièges qui collent et à la moquette murale marron et orange. Asseyez-vous et ouvrez votre braguette … ou pas ! 

Un détournement piqués de jeux de mots tout aussi rétros que nous offre golem13 … pour notre plaisir !

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