Ship for xmikey-mousex (Sorry! I accidentally deleted your ask).

  • Soulmate & Why: Michael; You and him both seem eccentric, like you’d always be having a good time. I can see you guys as a couple that messes around a lot, constant jokes and laughs, but also as the type who can go home and cuddle and be soft with one another. You would have a relationship that’s both emotionally fulfilling and super fun. Plus, you two would look very cute together!
  • Best Friend & What You Do Together: Calum; Since Michael doesn’t particularly like shopping, you and Calum go together. You offer advice on things he picks out and he mostly does stupid poses to make you laugh as you take pictures. Then, you go to the food court and get lunch/coffee and choose the best pictures to post to insta & twitter.
  • Secret Admirer: Ashton; He loves that you’re outgoing and thinks you’re very funny and kind. Whenever you’re around, he finds himself having a lot more fun, just something about your aura that makes him gravitate toward it, makes him happy.
  • The One That Lovingly Pisses You Off: Luke; He will literally throw himself across you. You can be sitting down talking to Calum or Michael and he’ll just flop down on you, smothering you with his body. And he thinks it’s the funniest thing, how you squirm and yell at him to get off, he’ll just burst in to giggles and not move a muscle.
  • Typical Dates: Movie/Wii competitions, Local concerts, Rooftop picnics
  • Cute Thing He Does For You: He gave you a bracelet when you’d been together 6 months, and each time he goes somewhere, he gets you a new charm for it. It has a heart charm, a slice of pizza, and a bunch of other little trinkets from each place he’s been.
  • A Song On Shuffle: Inside of You; The Maine
  • A Compliment: You and your blog are super cute!
  • A Blurb: “Hey, come on.” He says, nuzzling into your neck. You sigh, shaking your head. With your eyes shut tight, you’re trying to block everything out. He huffs, and you feel him get off the bed. Your eyes open slowly, wondering where he’s going, and you find him going through the drawers. “What are you doing?” You ask, a bit concerned. He doesn’t answer, but soon turns to you with a smile, keys and a sweatshirt in his hands. You tilt your head, still unsure what exactly he’s doing. Pain knocks against your skull and you whimper, and he crosses the room, tugging you up to follow him. “What are we doing?” “We’re getting your mind off of everything.” He tells you. “Where are we going?” You ask, but he just smiles. “We won’t know until we get there.” You settle into the car and he pulls away from your house, away from your town, leaving your worries behind. His hand finds yours in the middle and you watch the sunset together, feeling the pain lessen more and more the further you travel.